At DGTL, we strive to be connectors of cultures, and creators of revolutionary art projects. Our art installations are integral to the overall DGTL festival experience, and we aim to make art just as important as our music. 

Art at DGTL is innovative, incorporates technology, and is tactile. It celebrates unique collaborations, is aesthetically pleasing and always feels like an experience. 

At heart DGTL is sophisticated, monumental and strong, but we also dare to be transparent, fluid, organic and bright. If we want to feel free and want to explore ourselves, our brand, and our audience, we have to challenge ourselves to be honest, open, and vulnerable. By bringing this mentality to the festival site, we hope to comfort our beloved visitors and give them the opportunity to break free and explore.

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Art during DGTL Amsterdam 2024

The DGTL Dome is an initiative of ABN AMRO and in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. De DGTL Dome is an interactive installation that will be open for exploration during DGTL Amsterdam on March 30 and 31 at the NDSM Docklands.

Functioning at the intersection of a stage, art object, and chill area, the Dome seamlessly blends music, dance, visual arts, and a public program featuring new talent. This initiative embodies a crucial message that we share together with ABN AMRO and the Stedelijk Museum, as we are all committed to promoting equal opportunities in the arts and culture sector.

The Dome serves as a platform for emerging talent, providing a space for them to be further discovered. Additionally, it showcases multidisciplinary and interactive works, reflecting a distinctive shift in the festival art landscape from traditional light art to immersive experience art.

The programming promises a multidimensional experience, enabling visitors to push the boundaries of their perception and step outside with a renewed perspective. This collaboration, initiated by ABN AMRO, emphasizes our shared commitment to fostering equal opportunities in the arts, bridging the gender gap, and providing a unique platform for new talent within the Dome.

DGTL is responsible for the substantive programming of dance, visual arts, and musical performances. Throughout the weekend, intimate live sets will be presented by emerging talents such as Coloray, Nkisi, Oceanic, and Venus Ex Machina. These musical performances will be complemented by visual arts from Cris Mollee. Visitors can also experience dance performances by Creepashu and Nicole Geertruida. Anticipate intimate live sets where the audience is close to the artist, a visually stunning audio-reactive art spectacle, and performance arts in the form of dance and workshops.

The Stedelijk Museum presents a public program featuring a Sensual Body Empowerment workshop by Yamuna Forzani and Mystique Angels, as well as an interactive dance installation by Niek Vanoosterweyck. The interactive and educational program of the Stedelijk is facilitated by the Blikopeners, the youngest employees of the museum. The Dome not only offers a holographic 360-degree art experience with audio-reactive software but also ensures that visitors are always an integral part of the installation, enabling interaction with art even in the absence of live performances. This unique approach adds a new layer to the festival art experience, creating a space where discovery, interaction, and equal opportunities converge.

We invite you to discover a new artistic realm, an initiative of ABN AMRO & in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

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