Cultural and artistic projects play an important role in DGTL’s identity. We curate a wide variety of conceptual art performances and installations to engage our visitors. We work with local artists as much as possible.

From industrial to modular to recycled, the art at DGTL is an integral part of the overall concept: an unparalleled festival experience from which people can derive something extra. A feeling, a revelation, an idea, an inspiration.  


The definition of hybrid reads as follows: a thing made by combining two different/opposite elements or components. DGTL is a brand constantly in flux. Combining different elements and components, art forms and sustainability concepts in festivals and activations all over the world. With the introduction of hybrid we want to research and further develop these combinations and often interesting contradictions. 

The DGTL entrance will be one like no other. In Amsterdam a huge spatial sound and light installation will see the light of day. It is based on a sequencer; a device playing notes on a synthesizer in a row. During daytime the audio will be the leading component, in nighttime the audio will be joined by a generative light system to enhance the audio experience. 

On Friday March 30th, this installation will be officially opened with a special live performance by Nick Verstand and Scott Franka.  

Artists: Bob Roijen, Nick Verstand and Boris Acket


Together with ATM model art we are realising a recycled waste flow based artwork called ‘the exploded container’. To visualise all hard work DGTL is doing with sustainability and circularity we are making an artwork literally springing from a gigantic container. 

The flow of wood will connect the container to the bar, and will continue to become the main decoration of the Frequency area. 

Artists: Marisja Smit and Thijs Trompert (ATM Model Art)


Over the years one of the notable visual elements of DGTL has been the shipping container. To emphasize this iconic furniture and our modular philosophy we are introducing a sculpture made of them by the name of Gate. The sculpture will operate as a playground for visual artist Mr June. 

During daytime the sculpture will serve as a beautifully painted and transformed structure. In the night time we transform the Gate with animated projection mapping, also created by mr June, specifically for DGTL.

Artists: Mr June & Blauwe Uur


The GAIN stage will take its place in the infamous art project “Ferrotopia”, by Atelier van Lieshout. The organisation has the opportunity to have an exclusive premiere with this mind-boggling project. In 2018, the Ferrotopia art project will take place at the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. This art project pays tribute to industrial history, but also throws a questioning look at the future.


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