3 Jun 2021


After more than a year without dancing (besides on our home dancefloors) the appetite for festivals has been bigger than ever. This year called for a special celebration, which is why we made sure to book our widest and most versatile program to date. On September 11 & 12 we will get together for two unmatched days and nights, adding up to a potential 38 hours of dancing (if you opt-in for our yet-to-be-announced night program). Feeling a bit intimidated navigating our extensive program? Don't worry, together with DGTL booker Daan Donk, we will take you through the in's and out's of this year's line-up:




This year, you will get to experience electrifying sets by heavyweights like Acid Pauli, Adriatique, Nina Kraviz, Honey Dijon & LSD. The line-up also features a series of out-of-the-box b2b's like Âme & Marcel Dettmann and solid combinations like Craig Richards & Nicolas Lutz: “Two well-respected masters of their craft that are known to bring out the best in each other” says Daan Donk. Shanti Celeste & Ryan Elliott are set to go head-to-head on this year's line-up again, as well as two true ladies of the rave: The Blessed Madonna and HAAi. "Bringing them together doubles the fun" as Daan nicely puts it. 


For the first time ever, Tiga & Hudson Mohawke will present their new project "LOVE MINUS ZERO". The two are no strangers to collaborating but this time, they’ve teamed up for a new project. They are set to bring some heat this September with their unmistakable chemistry built on a long-lasting friendship. 




This year is the year of DGTL debuts with a program peppered with long-overdue appearances and a few up-and-coming newcomers and rising stars. A long-overdue guest is Egyptian Lover, who has a black belt in making people dance. Being the founder of electro, Egyptian Lover has rightfully earned his cult status. Catch him at the top of his game on Saturday, whipping up crazy electro audio and beats on his TR808 drum machine. If you are a connoisseur in this space, you should definitely add this act to your “must-sees”. Another act that is set to make his DGTL debut and make a very rare appearance on Dutch territory is Donato Dozzy. “We are lucky to have him this September, I am really curious to see what he has in store for us,” says Daan. On our Saturday, we are also looking forward to seeing Eris Drew, who is set to show us why raving is a powerful machine with her unique style and selections. 


It doesn’t end there: Ricardo Villalobos is one of today's most well-respected DJs and producers (and famous for his love for afterhours). During his debut, you can be sure to hear trippy obscure vinyl's that you haven't heard before and will maybe never hear again. “He’s been collecting records for over 3 decades now,” says Daan. A typical Ricardo set always has elements of surprises and experimenting  - he is not afraid of taking risks - and we are here for it.   


If you are keen to catch a cocktail of electro, hardcore percussion and heavy-on-the-kick-drum sounds, make sure to be there when DJ Assault takes the stage. As you might have noticed by now, the rave spirit is a continuing theme throughout the weekend - and mad miran and rRoxymore are embodying just that. We think it goes without saying, these two slots will get you moving. Next DGTL newcomer Ben Böhmer is known for his melodic, own-productions-only performances. Booked for the Saturday program, Ben will explore all dimensions of the musical spectrum. The next day invites Folamour and Irish selector Saoirse, two productive producers with very bright futures ahead of them. Folamour has been a part of the recent renaissance of young French house and disco and always delivers his sets with contagious energy. Fierce collector Saoirse has been praised for her unpredictable and cheeky-at-times sets, always fueled with passion and creativity. 




As we could already hint towards last year, this year's festival has a fresh approach with new sounds and acts that covers a very wide musical spectrum. We are introducing a completely new sound and welcoming dubstep legend Mala who is widely known for his contribution to the early dubstep scene. “He was one of the key figures during the early '00s when the scene was still relatively small,” says Daan. When the genre turned into an international movement, Mala was at the forefront and has been ever since. 


We will also see a bigger representation of minimal house sets, classic and eclectic techno plus many groovy undertones across the weekend. Besides that, prepare for a wide range of live sounds and diverse acts ranging from live band performances to live DJ sets. Two Easter eggs within this category are MEUTE, the 11 piece techno brass band that will get you dancing with their acoustic instrument, and the guys from The Hauge in Goldband, who's been making waves on national broadcasting media lately (who said boybands aren't cool?). 


Something tells us that this year's festival will be very, very special. It is safe to say that we are impatiently waiting for September and a sold-out, unforgettable edition. Keep an eye out for more festival news in the coming weeks, we have much more in store for you!


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