25 Feb 2020

Behind the Stages

A dive into our Modular, Amp and Generator stages at DGTL Amsterdam

From our very first edition of DGTL Amsterdam, and every year since, our stages have played host to some of the world’s finest electronic music talent. Conceptualized to host the myriad of sounds, themes and variations transmitted through electronic music - our Modular, Generator, LIVE, Amp, Frequency and Filter stages have proven to take on a lifeforce of their own in recent years. Individually, each stage offers something intrinsically unique to DGTL’s visitors (from sound, to production and even design) but collectively, they combine to create and reinforce DGTL’s key pillars and values. As we come full circle on the road to be the world’s first circular dance festival, we thought it fitting to dive into the three stages that form the core of our festival - Modular, Generator and Amp. 


AMP: At DGTL Amsterdam 2019

Amp: at DGTL Amsterdam 2019


Intrinsically unique

Each of these stages are unique in their integration of immersive user experience, while skillfully delivering a selective mixture of art, lighting, video, laser and control technology. These are in turn adjusted to the line-up and musical ambiance of the stage, creating an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere created at these stages are essential to the DGTL experience, intending to submerge visitors within the space.

Modular: Masterfully mixing the deeper sounds of DGTL, Modular’s pre-dominantly melodic interpretations have stayed true to its straightforward, light-fueled and rave-focused DNA – a trait that the stage has famously come to be known for. The integration of house/deep house with a touch of techno allows for a vibe that fluidly adapts the sounds of each of our other stages.

Generator: As the ‘techno temple’ of our 6 stages, Generator’s raw and unfiltered techno embodies a warehouse experience like no other. What makes the stage inherently unique, is its power-packed line-up over the course of two days by some of the most ground-breaking artists in present day techno. On Saturday, predominantly hard-hitting techno takes center stage, with day two leaning towards melodic and groove-based variations. 

Amp: There’s no doubt about what makes Amp unique – the stage epitomizes a house-governed sound, with deeper elements. The vibe here is driven by exciting back to back sets and gems from past favorites. Not to forget our iconic LED square, a unique combination of LED use for both lighting and video, while saving energy in equipment, labor and transport. 


 Modular: at DGTL Amsterdam 2018


The Evolution of Modular, Generator and Amp 

Over the past three years, Modular, Generator and Amp have been annually re-invented with natural and modified design twists. At each edition, the very best features and elements have been implemented to improve the concepts developed around each stage. Ultimately, the stages have evolved to play a major role in both global and local editions. They have come to be recognized and loved by our visitors, while simultaneously representing DGTL’s visual identity and musical outlook. 

Modular: Today’s Modular stage is similar in its musical composition to previous years. Earlier, the stage was considered to be the main stage amongst the six. Over time, it has grown into the perfect bridge between deeper sounds and house. 

Generator: Initially, the two days at Generator were more varied in the composition of its line-up. While day one was primarily techno, the second day remained more melodic at its core. This changed in 2018, where the two days consisted almost entirely of techno. Today, Generator is home to big techno names and even bigger moments. 

Amp: Back in the day, Amp was always the label stage (our visitors from 2014 might previously remember this stage as the ‘Innervisions’ stage). The change came in 2017, with a line-up determined by our own creative input. It has remained this way since. 


 Generator: at DGTL Amsterdam 2017


What to expect in 2020

Summing up, “2020 is the year where the experience and efforts of previous years come together, to form a state-of-the-art scenography embedded within a global music event” says Bob Roijen, the mind behind our stages. He continues “To give you a hint of what’s in store - this edition’s AMP, will demonstrate how circular becomes a fundamental approach to develop a concept of scenography, using both shape and research to create an immersive experience with low energy LED consumption. This acts as a perfect medium to send content to the user like previous years”. In terms of what to expect sound-wise “variation will be a key feature at this edition of DGTL Amsterdam - prepare to witness a change in the crowd, be surprised by innovative talent and engage with dizzying production and design” hinted to us by our eminent head booker Floris Groeneveld.  


Teaser: AMP 2020


We’re eagerly anticipating what this year’s stages will bring, which stage will you be watching from?  



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