21 Dec 2016

Carbon efficient transport to the festival

Busses and touring cars are the cleanest and most carbon efficient transport. That’s why this year we are working together with bus trip company Maximal. 

Beside the fact that it fits within DGTL’s Revolution program, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact by encouraging people to move by coach or bus. According to the American Union of Concerned Scientists, our ecological footprint is the smallest when we move by bus or coach. Research has shown that coaches have 0,03 kg CO2 emission per kilometre. Buses and coaches only have to fill their thanks with 0.6 – 0.9 litres of gas; that’s what it takes to carry one passenger over 100 kilometres. That’s the half of what trains emit and considerably less than the emissions from cars and planes.

Maximal will provide our visitors One Way Home tickets or Return Bustrip tickets to and from the festival. Busses will depart from several pickups in Holland and Belgium. Go here for more information about Maximal and the departures. By buying a bus ticket you will help reduce not only your ecological footprint, but also ours. Go here to buy a bus ticket for Saturday or Sunday.

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