1 Oct 2020

Curated By: Chris Stussy

Get to know the man behind this weeks 'Curated By'.

Q: Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to curate the AMP playlist for us. So tell us, what have you been up to lately?

A. Hey guys, thanks for inviting me! I’m actually doing loads of studio time, I think since the lockdown I made more than 40+ tracks. I’m also doing a mixdown service for some artists that have asked me if I could help them out, it’s a nice feeling to be able to help them out this way. I feel inspired by a lot of things, some weeks I make more jazz and that depends on what music I listen to at that moment. It’s hard to say if the new tracks are sounding good or working on the dance floor because we can’t test them anywhere. But I try to think positive and just make whatever I’m feeling at that moment, it really works for me. When I come home from the studio I like to be in the kitchen and make a nice meal while hanging out with my friends and family.


Q: For someone who’s never heard of a Chris Stussy performance before, how would you describe your sound?

A. Just house music but most of the time it depends on the vibe of the dancefloor, the place and time. I like to surprise people with unheard music, music from friends and my own unreleased tracks. I want to keep my sets interesting and play different music every week. Of course you have those secret weapons that you could play for a long time while it’s exclusive and that makes it even more fun. 


Q. Do you remember the first time you realized you wanted to pursue music professionally? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

A. Yes, it was when I was still playing football. I had to make a decision:

“Play a football match at 2PM” or “Play at Straf_Werk Festival in 2015 on a prime-time slot”. The choice was very easy. I remember I discussed this with my mother at the time, she literally said, you can’t bet on 2 horses. So I slept on it for a day and woke up with the feeling I had to give music a chance, as I was getting quite some opportunities at the time. This was my 1st big festival, I played at an intimate stage with around 350 people and there were around 50+ friends who came to the stage while I was playing. I will never forget that moment and it feels like it was yesterday, getting goosebumps right now thinking back to that moment.


Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not playing music?

A. Hang around with friends, watch great movies, play FIFA, I like to cook and buy new sneakers as I’m a real sneaker freak haha.


Q: We would like to know a bit more about the thought behind the playlist. Could you tell us more about what inspired you to select these tracks?

A. It’s a playlist with basically everything, music while I’m relaxing, music that inspires me, music from friends that I’ve played over the years and some tracks that I would’ve played if we were in a different situation. 


Q: Is there a specific track in the playlist you’d like to highlight?

A. “Seeing & Believing” is part of my new EP on PIV that’s out now. It was the last track I made when I moved from Leiden to Amsterdam 2 years ago. My girlfriend did the vocals on this one. Every time I played this particular track, the dance floor got really emotional, I miss that feeling.



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