11 Jun 2021


This week it's time for Sandunes to curate our 'LIVE' playlist as a part of our 'Curated by' Spotify series. In anticipation of the playlist, we had an (online) chat about her recent release on DGTL Records, her debut at DGTL Bengaluru, canceled gigs, the Covid-19 situation in India, and how to help. 



Q: Hi Sandunes, thanks for taking the time to curate our LIVE playlist. How are you doing right now? 

A. I'm doing good, thank you ! 

Laying low and staying indoors, and feeling quite excited to share some new music this June - I have an EP that's coming out this month on !K7 records. 


Q: The second COVID-19 wave has hit India hard... To raise money for relief, you have contributed to a great initiative called CRSP. Could you tell us a bit more about this initiative?  

A. CRSP - is an acronym for a Covid Release Sample Pack. 

The situation in India has been really grim over the last few months. In the midst of such a brutal second wave that's resulted in multiple lockdowns and the loss of livelihood for so many in the country, we felt moved to try and do something to be a part of a solution oriented approach. 

We reached out to some collaborators and peers in the creative community to see if we could put something together and try and raise some funds for an organisation I've worked with in the past - called YUVA, who are doing really good work trying to provide healthcare for the most marginalised communities in and around Mumbai. 

The artists involved turned around great sounds really quickly, and we managed to raise close to $2500, which we were really happy about. The feedback and response to the sounds have been really positive so we're also excited to hear some of the music that gets created from these samples! 


[This fundraiser is now closed, but we encourage everyone who has the means to donate to a second and ongoing fundraiser, also a collab of Sandunes for Covid-19 relief in rural India. You can purchase a series of natural soundscapes (created by Sandunes and Krishna Jhaveri) that intends to bring calm amidst the collective anxiety, pain, and grief while navigating the second wave of Covid-19 in India - all proceeds will be donated in support of COVID-19 relief via TIP sessions, who have set up Covid kitchens and carry out medical deliveries in Udupi, Chikamagaluru and Mangaluru. Donation starts from 2$ USD. More info about it here: https://kerehaklu.bandcamp.com/album/kerelief

For more Covid-19 relief fundraisers see here]


Q. You made your DGTL debut last year during our first DGTL Bengaluru edition. How was that? 

A. It feels like such a long time ago! It was nice to play in Bengaluru after a really long time, I enjoyed it. 


Q. And now you just released a stellar remix of Lovshai's 'Solo' on DGTL Records. How did this collab come to life?

A. l had been looking forward to performing at DGTL in Amsterdam, but the pandemic had other plans for us all. It was sad the festival didn't work out, but still nice to have an opportunity to create something as part of the DGTL universe. This was the first remix I worked on this year.

We were holed up in a literal 'house-on-a-hill' with a remote-studio in the hills of Tamil Nadu this January, and I remember finding it challenging to crack at first, but I was really happy with how it turned out in the end.  



Q. For someone who’s never heard of a Sandunes set before, how would you describe your sound?

A. My sound is consistently evolving, but these days I'd say it resides in the vicinity of art-pop. 




Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not playing music?

A. I really enjoy being outdoors - whatever shape that looks like. 

Hiking, being in the ocean, bird-watching, anything that connects me to nature and reminds me that I'm part of a larger, breathing, living ecosystem does it for me.  


Q: We would like to know a bit more about the playlist, could you tell us more about what inspired you in selecting these tracks?

A. This playlist is a combination of new and familiar sounds - mostly from artists that have been hugely inspirational to watch performing live - where musicianship, skill and the energy that only live performance can transmit is palpable.


Thank you for taking the time to curate our playlist!


Check out the recent release on DGTL Records here

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