13 Aug 2021

DGTL Amsterdam is canceled

Dear friends,


We fiercely hoped we would not have to send this message, but unfortunately, the moment has arrived. As you may have heard, the Dutch government decided to cancel all festivals this summer. This means DGTL Amsterdam 2021 on September 11 and 12 will not take place. This is yet another slap in the face and we really wished the situation would be different. Our minds are blown, which is why we will gather next Saturday, August 21, in several cities, to show they cannot kill our scene. We hope you will join us in taking a stand together. 


After months of being misled by the government’s empty promises, there is still no perspective for festivals. We’ve done the research and analyzed the results. It is clear to us that it’s not Corona that has delivered us a Summer without festivals and an uncertain future; it is the politicians in Den Haag. 


We, the festival sector, call on all festival lovers, all lovers of music and dancing, to ready yourselves. We need to make ourselves heard. We need to speak out against the random political decisions of our cabinet. 


Join our peaceful protest ‘Unmute Us,’ to demand a re-opening of the festivals from early September. Support us and share this message. Check out https://bit.ly/Unmute-Us for more info #UnmuteUs


Ticket refund(s)

Of course, you want to know what happens to your ticket(s). We hope you will give us a few days to process this terrible news as a team and we will get back to you with the next steps regarding your ticket(s) & how to apply for a refund next week. Please note that all 50% down payments will be refunded automatically, we will be back after the weekend with more information.


Sending love and positivity, and promising we will be back,


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