26 Feb 2018


We're a little over a month away till we can kick off 2018 with yet another edition of DGTL Amsterdam. And what a kick off it will be! The folks of ATM Model Art got together and came up with some exciting work to show you all.

This piece of art is going to be build around the Frequency stage on DGTL’s Amsterdam playground the NDSM-docks! The explosion of trash represents the endless stream of global waste that is hitting our beloved planet like a truck. It matches DGTL Revolution’s goal to create awareness among our visitors, and trying to get one step closer to become a sustainable society.

Can you visualise it already, the trashy explosion in and out of the freight containers, surrounding and decorating the Frequency stage with lights that are going into every possible direction. 

Now we know what you are thinking.. “Such an immense piece of art sure causes a whole lot of waste. Talking about sustainability...” But guess what? The entire art sculpture will be made of old materials from all over the Netherlands. With the help of Hertog Containers, the material is re-used after the festival, nothing will be wasted!


Watch out for this and other art pieces during this upcoming Easter at DGTL Amsterdam 2018



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