7 Apr 2022


At DGTL, we want to promote a festival culture in which our principles strike a healthy balance between being socially responsible and embracing the importance of enjoying the moment with intention and logic. We believe that this starts with training our crew and staff.

Together with Rave Scout Cookies, we have developed an online training for the DGTL crew based on the three pillars: Harassment-free space, harm reduction & collective accountability. The DGTL Crew Training will emphasize the critical path of serving a party’s need through collaboratively creating a space where consensual and respectful communication is the baseline expectation. Everyone wearing our safe badge at our festival has taken part in the training.

Rave Scout Cookies is a co-creative electronic music platform championing marginalized talents, cultivating socio-conscious dance floors, and fostering safe(r) space(s) in underground dance music communities.

Rave Scout Cookies founder Salman Jaberi is a cultural and experiential producer, harm reduction advocate, counterculture enthusiast. Jaberi is best known for his active participation in North America's underground dance music.

Born and raised on the island of Bahrain, Salman moved to London for college at the age of 16. His foray into the underground rave world began in early 2008, when he happened to cross paths with a flock of goth ravers after locking himself out of his apartment one morning. Salman went on a four-day binge, attending industrial raves and after-hours in East London's debris-filled warehouses.

However, Jaberi's professional involvement in the dance music industry began shortly after moving to the United States in 2015. His passion and interest in dance floor politics, as well as his desire to enact change, gradually became apparent as he immersed himself in the North American queer underground electronic music community. In a lengthy piece about Salman's contributions to underground dance music published in 2020, Resident Advisor coined him as "a de facto spokesperson for community, mutual aid, and harm reduction in dance music and rave culture." 


Curious about our crew training? Take a look here.

Read more about Rave Scout Cookies here

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