27 Mar 2017

DGTL introduces the ECO coin

We are announcing new plans to become the world’s first circular festival. Since our conception in 2012, sustainability has been an integral part of the festival’s program to increase visitors’ awareness of climate change.



DGTL strongly believes the time for awareness is over. We, as a society, need to drastically change our unsustainable behaviors in order to mitigate climate change and prevent further destruction of our shared ecology. Current economics dictate that money is the driving force for change, but our present day economic system is broken. Therefore, we need a new currency to replace the old system. A currency which values nature, the environment, and provides incentive for people to carry out sustainable action. The Eco Coin is designed to do exactly that.



DGTL has partnered up with Next Nature Network to introduce “The ECO Coin”. The world’s first ecological currency. With this new digital currency, DGTL plans to reward all visitors for their sustainable actions. By participating in one of the many Revolution projects or workshops, DGTL’s festivalgoers will now earn ECOs. In turn, their ECOs will unlock special rewards like free sustainable food, music-downloads, unique products, discounts and even access to the ‘TBA-secret area’.


In depth info: www.ecocoin.com



In order to earn ECOs, all you have to do is enter your festival bracelet code in the DGTL’s Eco Coin application. This will connect your RFID bracelet to your ECO coin wallet.

In DGTL’s new app, you will find;

- A simple three step guide to get you started.

- A map of the festival site showing the locations where to earn ECOs.

- An overview list of all rewards and where to collect them.

Whenever you participate in a sustainable project at DGTL, your RFID bracelet will be scanned and ECOs will be added to your wallet. The total amount of ECOs you have earned will be visible in the APP’s homescreen. When you have earned enough ECOs to receive a reward, go to the reward location, scan your bracelet and receive your reward.

So what are you waiting for?! Go forth and experience the benefits of becoming sustainable!



(Reward list is subject to change, terms and conditions apply)


20 ECOs = Enter “Eco Champion” Raffle

18 ECOs = Discount  on DGTL ’18 Ticket

16 ECOs = V.E.P. Secret Area Pass

14 ECOs = Free meal / RESQ Voucher

12 ECOs = Limited Edition Poster

10 ECOs = Cold Kornuit Beer

8 ECOs = Discount on DGTL Merchandise

6 ECOs = DIY Veggie Grow Pack

4 ECOs = Organic Fruit Ice Cone

2 ECOs = Music Download(s)



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