14 Apr 2021

DGTL Podcast 97 - Z@P

Z@P, the Uruguayan born and Berlin-based DJ and producer's sound is best described as a blend of house, techno, and breaks. However, Z@P has the talent to always remain unpredictable whether this is in his sets or productions. His philosophy states ‘’if you play the right stuff in the right way, you can make a mix of everything, and still make it sound logical within the structure of a DJ set.’’


With his latest warm and fuzzy acid house mix with his own productions only, you can experience just that. Be prepared to be blown away by his unreleased tracks, reversions of his old tracks, and remixes.


Q. So tell us, how has the past year been for you?

A. On one side it's been a challenge, like I guess for most people... 

It was ok in the beginning to have a little rest from traveling so frequently, even though after some months I started feeling the necessity of playing (and dancing) in clubs again. The energy exchange of this kind of situation is something I really miss.


But on the other side and looking in retrospective now it was a good year, I enjoyed a lot working in the studio, searching for new music and just chillin in Berlin and Montevideo.


Q. How would you describe your sound to the readers who are not familiar with ‘Z@P yet?

A. I always find it hard to answer this... I guess it is easier looking from an outsider's perspective...

I can tell you that I try not to have too many barriers in terms of music styles when I'm playing... My DJ sets are usually pretty dynamic in terms of styles, if I'm playing a long set it will always move around many different genres... techno, acid, electro, uk breaks, house, even some more experimental stuff also. 



Q. Has your way of working, producing, or DJing changed due to the pandemic?

A. Not really... I don't feel anything has changed in that sense.


Q. Where do you get your inspiration from & how have you stimulated your creativity during this period? 

A. I actually felt pretty inspired during this period, I talked with some friends that told me that they found it hard to be inspired because of this no clubbing situation, but for me it wasn't like that at all...

I have been working a lot in the studio and for me inspiration can come from many different sources... listening to records from my collection, sharing music with friends, going for a bike ride to clear your mind, listen to other kinds of music like jazz or rock... or not listening to any music for some days is also a good way to clean your ears and recover inspiration.


Q. What do you like to do when you’re not working on your music?

A. To be honest music takes most of my time... if I'm not in the studio making music I'm probably digging for new records hahah.

But of course hanging out with friends is really important for me also, being in nature also.


Q. What are the things you are looking forward to in the upcoming year. Any projects you can share with us?

A. In March last year just before all this craziness started I was working on a liveset, I even had a couple of gigs already confirmed but I stopped preparing for it. So one of my plans now is to continue with this project and hopefully being able to play it sometime soon.


Q. What is the story behind the podcast, any tracks or parts of the mix you would like to highlight?

A. Actually this is a special one... I decided to record it using only my productions, so there is a lot of unreleased stuff, remixes, re-versions of old tracks, etc.


It is the first time I do a podcast like this and I'm pretty happy with the result, hope you like it too! Thanks for having me :)

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