8 Mar 2018

DGTL presents sustainable game-changers

This year DGTL Revolution will introduce three game-changing innovations at DGTL festival. They have the potential to solve major climate issues, and create more sustainable systems and cities.
Innovation is an important element of the festival, using DGTL as a living lab to introduce a circular economy. By presenting these innovations, we also create awareness for the possibilities and necessity of a waste-free society.

One of this year’s innovations is the Semilla Sanitation Hub in collaboration with Innofest. Inside this 40ft shipping container, our tech-team will convert urine to drinking water using pioneering technologies.
The Semilla sanitation hub could prove to be a true lifesaver during crisis situations, focussing on providing clean drinking water in disaster areas. Also, when miniaturised, the technology could be implemented in residential housing or self sustaining communities. Are you brave enough to try this at DGTL?

Not only urine will be converted into a valuable resource, also the smaller plastic bottles at DGTL will be processed in a circular way through our second game changing innovation: pyrolysis.
This technology converts plastic (non-PET) into oil! This oil can then be used to produce new plastic, thus creating a circular system. All bottle caps at DGTL will be turned into oil, and the machine will be presented and tested on site. If this technology is upscaled, we could solve our current plastic pollution crisis and no longer need “raw” crude oil to produce plastic.

Last but definitely not least, DGTL Revolution will introduce a circular food court at the festival. This new food court produces zero-waste, and makes sure all organic matter (including bio-based plates and cutlery) will be composted on site within 24 hours.
The eco-creation machine uses a special bacterial-culture which is heat-, salt- and acid resistant. This is the secret to creating high quality compost within 24 hours, which will then be distributed to partnering urban famers who will grow the ingredients for next year’s meals. If this works at a festival, it could be a game-changer for areas with large scale food consumption (shopping streets, schools, restaurant chains)

Thanks to these game-changing innovations, DGTL is taking a giant leap towards becoming the first circular festival in 2020.

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