DGTL Records: Henrik Schwarz – Home In On EP

DGTL Records: Henrik Schwarz – Home In On EP
Published: January 27, 2023

DGTL Records release: Henrik Schwarz – Home In On EP

Henrik Schwarz is a name synonymous with electronic music. With over twenty years in the industry and over 100 releases to his name, he is a true legend in the game. Renowned for his skill and prolific output, Henrik is a master composer and true artist. From sweaty club sets to seated auditorium performances, he delicately balances the line between electronic, classical and jazz.

With his latest release ‘Home In On’, Henrik joins the DGTL Records family and emerges from the pandemic with two tracks of studio wizardry. This EP is a clear reminder of why he is one of the leading names in melodic minimalism. The first track, ‘Posidonia Oceanica’, is an eco-conscious track with an eerie funk, born from the improvised live keys of a 2017 DGTL Tel Aviv set and completed sometime this year in the middle of CO2-collecting Ibizan seagrass. The track features an infectious groove that delicately sprouts from the steady crunch of its bassline, and is the perfect anthem for any dancefloor.

The second track, ‘Home in on Those Things’, is a slight dip into tribal territory. But with all the unpredictability we’ve come to expect from Henrik. This track is swirling, cheeky, responsive and steady. It is also a throwback to Henrik’s deep musical roots. Overall, the Home In On EP is a reminder of why Henrik Schwarz is one of the most respected names in electronic music, and a must-have for fans of melodic minimalism. You can listen to his new EP here.


7 – 8 – 9 APRIL 2023