24 Nov 2015


DGTL Revolution focuses on sustainability and this is what they do...

Sustainability is the main focus for DGTL Revolution. The foundation originated because of DGTL’s future perspective to create a more sustainable festival. DGTL wants to interact more consciously on scarce resources and besides that would like to reduce the output of carbon dioxide, energy use, waste and transport use. These are all different topics that need attention to create a better sustainable festival in order to even be able to organize events like these for the next years.

We are aiming to produce a festival as sustainable as possible but we also keep in mind that the way we work towards this goal needs to fit into the DNA of DGTL. Innovation is an important factor to the festival. We want to surprise visitors with our progressive projects and create awareness to them but then, of course, in a cool way. 

Let's start a revolution. from DGTL festival on Vimeo.

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