23 Jan 2018

Enter the world of DGTL through art: SKYLINE

SKYLINE by Nick Verstand, Boris Acket & Bob Roijen


How did the project came to light?


"I think Nick and me met just over a year ago, when I was working as Art Director for DGTL and trying to commission one of Nick's works for DGTL Amsterdam 2017. In the end this didn't happen, but we kept in touch because of a shared fascination for composing with multispeaker sound and spatial light. At that time Nick was working on a project called POV, which resembled the set-up of a work I made when I graduated art school. Bob was a frequent contact, because we spoke about stage designs and different lighting systems a lot while developing DGTL Amsterdam '17."

“With POV I was researching new methods for animating sound in a spatial performance environment. We wanted a space in which sound and light could animate three-dimensionally around the audience, in reaction to the ‘2D’ stage setup where the artist is on one side of the room and the audience on the other. As Boris shared this interest, we kind of organically started brainstorming about different possible set-ups which naturally resulted in the SKYLINE project.”

"We started to meet up and making set-ups on the ground of my studio. Cables, speakers, controllers and synthesizers EVERYWHERE. At the beginning we always put the set-up down in a circular form. In every conversation however, we kept fantasizing about making a linear audiovisual work and experimenting with sound travelling to you and away from you over the course of a line."

“The last couple of months I have been mostly focused on exploring these topics in installations form factors. The collaboration with Boris triggered me to rediscover my love for music and live performance, interacting energetically with an audience.”

"While we were designing the outlines for DGTL 2018 all this seemed to organically come together in a work situated at the brand new entrance situated at the Noordstrook. Mainly when Bob told his ongoing fascination for tunnels and already knowing his experience with technical aspects and innovative lighting techniques, we knew we should bring him on board."

"Boris and I met up for the first time in 2017 and it instantly felt like I met my other half. Boris is a multidisciplinair artist, with a strong sense for creating new perspectives on experiences. Together we are capable of bringing ideas to life in another dimension.

When Boris asked me to collaborate on the SKYLINE project with Nick Verstand, who I have seen making innovative audio visual installations with inspiring perspective and interaction, I got excited and honored to work with them.

My fascination and view to work with minimum lighting in sequence, repetitive patterns and symmetrical structure fits in perfectly. This is a great opportunity to support them with my experience in lighting. For SKYLINE I am mainly focusing on the direction and behavior of light and integrate my findings. I am looking forward to see this chemistry coming together!"

"Working together with DGTL gives us the opportunity to get to put all our experimenting & experience into a huge work covering more than half of the Noordstrook of the Scheepsbouwloods. Ranging 80 meters wide and about 7 meters high. All visitors will have to pass it, as it is situated at the entrance. On top of that we get the chance to perform an audiovisual piece for the opening night with the installation and thereby ritually opening DGTL Amsterdam 2018. Dreams coming true :)" 


Nick Verstand (1984)
is a contemporary artist exploring human behaviour and perception by composing light and sound in spatial dimensions. The resulting intuitive experiences, co-creations of artist and audience, generate hypnotising environments for the subconscious mind. Nick has exhibited and performed at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Trouw, Dutch Design Week, SXSW (USA) and Design Society (CHN) and collaborated with artists like Fatima Yamaha, Children of the Light and Suzanne Ciani. Dezeen recently selected his project AURA as one of the top 10 art installations of 2017.



Boris Acket (1988)
Multi-disciplinary artist exploring his ever more complex becoming surroundings by sound, film & spatial audiovisual composing. Filmmaker, art director and musician (Scott Franka, Working Titles). Worked on the DGTL afterfilms between '15—17. Art Director for DGTL since '17.


Bob Roijen:
Visual artist for DGTL & other festivals

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