DGTL Mumbai 2022


Entry From: Gate 1
NESCO, Western Express Hwy, Bimbisar Nagar, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065
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  • Gates open at: 12:30 pm Saturday & 13.30 pm Sunday
  • Please carry a valid Govt. recognised ID proof.
  • Age Limit: 21+
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages at the event is only permitted to attendees who are of legal drinking age (“LDA”) as per the respective State guidelines. The LDA bands will be available at the Event to the attendees upon presenting a valid Govt. recognised photo ID (physical/digital) proof.
  • Our tickets are only available online on Insider.in. Any fake/duplicate tickets will be denied entry.
  • Damaged bands do not warrant a replacement.
  • People in an inebriated state will not be allowed entry.
  • First aid/basic medical facilities will be available on site in case of emergencies.
  • Wheelchair access will be provided on request.
  • Only vegetarian food will be served at the festival as a part of our sustainability program.
  • We have eco-friendly hard cups at the festival for drinks to be served. Every attendee will have to purchase them for INR 100 and will get a refund of INR 50 upon returning them at the end of the event.
  • Organizers hold the right to deny late entry to the event.
  • Rights of admission reserved.
  • Venue rules apply.


  • E-cigarettes/Vapes
  • Outside food and beverages/alcohol
  • GoPros, DSLRs and Drones
  • Any illegal/banned substances
  • Weapons, knives, guns, fireworks, explosives
  • Helmets, laser devices, bottles, musical instruments
  • Any inflammable objects
  • Deodorants & Perfumes


  • We have a strict No-Drugs policy at the event. No illegal/banned substances or narcotics will be allowed or tolerated.
  • Possession/consumption/peddling/selling of Narcotics and other illegal/banned substances is strictly prohibited, and any such activity will be subject to rigorous legal action. The person may also be handed over to the local police in such cases.
  • Consumption of illegal/banned substances on or off the premises and then coming to the event is also strictly prohibited.
  • Any threat or harm to one’s health & well-being due to the consumption of excess liquor or banned substances/narcotics is entirely the individual’s responsibility, and neither the organisers nor its partners/sponsors/affiliates/artists/vendors/venue will be held responsible for it.
  • People in an inebriated state will not be allowed entry.
  • Security procedures, including frisking, remain the right of the management.
  • No dangerous or potentially hazardous objects including but not limited to weapons, knives, guns, fireworks, helmets, laser devices, bottles, or musical instruments, will be allowed in the venue and may be ejected with or without the owner from the venue.
  • No form of violence/aggression/theft/sexual harassment/molestation/homophobia/racism will be tolerated at the event. Any violation of this will be grounds for strict security and legal action taken by the organisers against the violator.
  • All individuals are fully responsible for their own belongings & any damage or theft to personal belongings is not the responsibility of the festival organisers/vendors/artists/sponsors or the venue.
  • The attendees are advised to take all necessary precautions during the Event. The Event Organiser/partners/venue/sponsors assume no liability if the Attendee(s) suffers any medical condition while attending the event.
  • First aid/basic medical facilities will be available on-site in case of emergencies. However, if an attendee meets with an injury or a health issue occurs for which the resources are not available at the event, the Event Organiser will put in their best efforts to help and assist with any such emergency. However, the event organiser or its partners/venue/sponsors/artists do not take any responsibility for such an event and is not liable for any such loss/harm/injury to the attendee.
  • The event organiser is not responsible for any ill/harmful/negative/allergic effects of food items or drinks consumed at the event by the attendee(s).
  • Any act of violence/harassment/racism/homophobia & any such behaviour which may be perceived as hostile towards others attending the event will not be tolerated.
  • If anyone does witness any kind of violation of the T&C, they are to immediately report the same to the closest security.
  • No form of illegal activity will be tolerated on-premises, and strict action will be taken against offenders.
  • Attendees may be video graphed, filmed, photographed and/or sound recorded for broadcast, publication, advertisement, marketing or security purposes whilst at the Event by the Event Organiser and/or by the Event Organiser’s sponsors and partners. The Attendee(s) hereby grants to the Event Organiser the right to use, in perpetuity, all or any part of the recording, including but not limited to videos, films, photographs and/or sound recordings of the Attendee(s) on any media channel including social media channels globally for broadcasting, advertising, marketing, publicity and promotion hereto.
  • The Event is subject to force majeure events i.e. causes beyond the reasonable control of the Event Organiser, including, without limitation, storms, flooding, riots, fire and allied peril, strikes and malicious damage, acts of terrorism, Acts of God peril, the sudden death of the artist, their spouse or children, personal injury to the artist, and or complete breakdown of the transportation system that prevents the artist from reaching the Venue, adverse weather conditions and national mourning.