DGTL Festival ticket prices have increased this year, how come?

There are a few reasons why we needed to increase our ticket prices for DGTL Amsterdam 2024. One of the main reasons is inflation. As the cost of living increases, so do the prices of material and services. Unfortunately, this includes the cost of organizing a music festival like ours. There are also other factors that have contributed to the increase in ticket prices. For example, the price to have well-trained security at the festival location has increased as well as the costs to rent our beloved location, NDSM Docklands. In addition, the cost of booking and paying artists has also increased over the years. As artists become more popular, their booking fees increase, which means that we have to pay more to secure their performances. Furthermore, starting from January 2023, the City of Amsterdam has introduced an entertainment tax of €1.50 per ticket.

Is DGTL making more profit from ticket sales?

No, we are not. While it may seem like we are making more money from ticket sales due to the price increase, the reality is that the additional revenue is being spent on the increased costs of organizing our festival. With your ticket a 10% service fee is included to cover costs related to administration, customer service, event production, marketing, and operational expenses.

Will prices go down in the future?

We are always looking for ways to keep ticket prices as affordable as possible, but unfortunately, some costs are beyond our control. However, we do our best to negotiate with suppliers and vendors to get costs down and ensure that you get the best value for your money. We are currently exploring the possibility of offering a payment plan option for those purchasing a ticket to DGTL Amsterdam 2024. We are working with our ticketing partner to see if we can make this option available, we will provide more information as soon as possible.

Is it still worth buying tickets for DGTL Festival, even with the price increase?

Absolutely! We are known for our diverse line-up, fantastic atmosphere, and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. While the ticket prices may have increased, it is still a great value for the experience that you will have. We hope to meet you at DGTL Amsterdam 2024!


Can I buy cigarettes?

Cigarettes will not be sold at the festival.

Can I bring my laptop or tablet to the festival?

You are not allowed to bring your laptop or tablet device to the festival, not even if you store it in your locker.

Can I bring my GoPro or Camera to the festival?

You are allowed to enter the festival site with a GoPro. You are not allowed to bring a selfie stick; this will be taken at the festival’s entrance. You can also bring your own camera, but not a reflex camera.

What items are prohibited from being brought inside?

Contact lens solution is prohibited, but it can be obtained from the first aid station if needed. Plastic water bottles, umbrellas, deodorant cans, and perfume bottles are not allowed inside.

Can I bring medicine?

Please note that medicine will only be allowed into the premises if the package is sealed.

Is there any special food available? (Gluten-free etc.)

Yes, we care about all of you, so we thought about all of you. Gluten-free food will be available at the food court. All foods served during DGTL Amsterdam will be plant-based and biologically produced.

I am breastfeeding. Is there somewhere I can express milk?

You can express milk calmly at the first aid station! There is no fridge available to store the milk, but you can bring a cooler bag and store the milk in one of the lockers.

Do I need to print my ticket?

Consider the environment before printing your tickets! We can scan your ticket directly from your phone. Keep in mind that you may not have an internet connection on site, so it is most convenient to download the ticket on your phone. If you prefer to print your ticket, you can do so as well.

I have lost something, where can I see the found items?

Lost and found items will be posted online two days after the festival ends, you can view them via this link. To ensure that your lost items are returned to you, please contact iLost directly.

What items are now prohibited from being brought inside?

Contact lens solution is prohibited, but it can be obtained from the first aid station if needed. Plastic water bottles, umbrellas, deodorant cans, and perfume bottles are not allowed inside.

Are there lockers available?

Yes, there are lockers available! You will find a lot of lockers just after the entrance of the festival where you can store your bag, clothes, and personal items. You can open and close your locker as many times as you want during the day.

If you have purchased both a day and night ticket, please note that you cannot use the same locker as the night program takes place indoors.

Can I get free water?

There will be free tap water in all toilet areas.

Can I bring drugs?

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards hard drugs.

Can I buy earplugs at the festival?

Please take care of your ears! With music above 87 dB, it is smart to use earplugs with a special music filter. With these earplugs, you can still hear the music perfectly; conversations remain intelligible and most important of all, you prevent hearing damage and the annoying ringing after the event. During DGTL festival, Alpine PartyPlug earplugs will be available at the merchandise stand. The PartyPlug earplugs are reusable so that you can protect your ears not only at DGTL but at other festivals as well. Love your ears!

Do I have access to the afterparties with a weekender ticket?

A weekender ticket does not provide entrance to the afterparties. Get a separate ticket to the afterparties here.