9 Apr 2020

Guide to a stay-at-home weekender

Everything you need to know during our livestream festival

The final countdown is here, only a few days remain for DIGITAL DGTL – the biggest living room festival in the world. While this year’s DGTL weekend might look different from previous years, we believe in making every element of our festival accessible from the comfort of your living room. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know as you get ready for your number one stay-at-home weekender of the year this Easter weekend. Share the festivities with us by tagging @dgtlfestival and #KeepDistanceStayDGTL.


1.     Throw on your best festival outfit

Already had your festival outfit picked out? There’s no need to change plans. For those who don’t - dive into your wardrobe for your best festival ensemble. We can’t wait to see!


2.     The (virtually) more, the merrier 

Planned to visit us with a big group of friends? We have just the solution. Make use of the very best conferencing technology self-isolation has to offer with apps like Zoom, Houseparty and Facebook watchparty - explore our 3 stages with the people you love most.

3.     Channel NDSM with custom DGTL backgrounds/printable

NDSM has become the most common association with our festival over the years, bringing an unmatched vibe with its unique location. Need a bit of the iconic docklands to get into the festival zone? Click on the links below for some custom DGTL backgrounds to add to your Zoom conference or to hang up around your living room. 


Download your backgrounds here: 

Background of NDSM 

Background of AMP stage 

Backstage at DGTL

DGTL by sunset

DGTL by night 


4.  Explore our virtual bar and food-court

Virtual Bar

Delivered to your door for a minimum of 7,5 euros, our virtual bar will ensure your drinks will still be chilled when they reach you.* Please see the information for packages on offer below (Psst...you might just end up in our aftermovie when you get your drinks delivered). 


Absolut Vodka Mixt Blueberry & Lime: 1 bottle of 275ml for €2. Buy 5, get 6!

Kornuit:  2x 6 pack for €7,50. 

Combi-package: 2x 6 pack and 5 bottles of Absolut Mixt for €12,50.

*within Amsterdam


Virtual Food-court: 

Bring a taste of our food-court to your home. We’re excited to partner up with local heroes Pizza Pizza & Kopstootbar, offering delicious vegetarian options. Go DGTL each step of the way, and bring a fusion of sustainability into your festival menu. To order from our virtual bar + food area, visit digital.dgtl.nl!


Uber Eats: 

Eager to explore more vegetarian culinary options for your festival menu? With a minimum order of €15, we’re excited to partner up with Uber Eats, providing free home delivery for both existing and new users - valid Saturday April 11th and Sunday April 12th. 


Click the link below and enter the promo code: DGTLEATS

Link to Uber Eats


More the DIY type? Channel our cutting-edge sustainable food-court at home, by cooking up a plant-based meal or two! We’ve even selected our personal favorites. We recommend: 

Loaded vegan nachos

Vegan Caesar Salad

Vegan enchiladas


5.     Set up a home minibar 

Move from stage to stage  with a drink in hand. Mix your favorite cocktail at your home minibar, as you experience the sets of your favorite DJs (the essential ingredient to any stay-at-home weekender). From classic staples like ‘Vodka Soda’ to more elaborate alternatives like the ‘Moscow Mule’, try your hand at one of Absolut Vodka’s favourite stay-at-home cocktails. We recommend: 

Vodka Soda 

Vodka Tonic 

The Greyhound

Moscow Mule


6.     Get creative: make a sustainable art installation at home 

Staying true to each of our key pillars of music, sustainability and art - tap into the artist within you and make an indoor art installation. Get creative with objects lying around the house such as empty beer cans or glow in the dark sticks. Share your artwork with @dgtlfestival and the hashtag #KeepDistanceStayDGTL. You might just see your masterpiece on our channels! 


7.     Dive into our timetable, planning is key!

With an array of world-class talent delivered straight to your home, our 3 stages offer a sublime selection of artists and DJs live streamed to you during the Easter weekender. To make sure you don’t miss out on your favorites, while also sparing time to make new discoveries - dive into our timetable tomorrow. Planning is key!


8.     Order some merch 

Get your very own DGTL merch! Order here


Last but not least, don’t forget to tag us in pictures and videos of your stay-at-home weekender with @dgtlfestival and the hashtag #KeepDistanceStayDGTL or send them to hello@dgtl.nl. We can’t wait to share them to our virtual dancefloor! 

See you soon at your number one stay-at-home weekender of the year! 

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