11 Feb 2016



Visitors, crew, artists. So everyone that is part of this festival will eat vegetarian food. 


How much meat did you actually sell last year and how much would you save? 

At DGTL festival 2015 we have sold almost 13.500 meat products variating from hamburgers, hotdogs, dutch krokets and pulled pork sandwiches. This resulted in an estimated emission of 20.950 kg/CO2 (non-bio), 4,8 million liters/water and 7.200 kg/forage.


Have you thought of the consequences on a long period of time?

If the whole population would go vegetarian once a week, what is the effect of this? With 16 million people you can save up till 407.272 ton CO2. [1]


If no fish à If farming/agriculture is the problem, why have you banned fish too?

Fishing also creates a high emission. Depends on where the fish is from it can get op to 2.9 kg CO2 for each kilo of fish.[2]


What about other products and their carbon footprint (soya, tofu?)

We won’t use soya or tofu as much as an alternative, because we know that the carbon footprint of soya is pretty high as well.


What about soda’s? Check out their carbon footprint!

We are taking this step by step…


Why meat but not dairy free?

This is a first step towards a more sustainable festival. While choosing alternatives we have checked if their dishes wouldn’t be less sustainable as meat dishes. There will be a variety on food stands.


Are there going to be more dairy products? And if so what about the carbon footprint of these?

We have looked at food suppliers that find sustainability important as well. For most of the food we are selling little to no dairy products will be used. The dairy products that are being used will be organic.




Where does the rest of the food come from?

HERE  you will find all the info about our food stands and their products.


Allergies? Gluten/wheat/dairy/nuts free

We are aware of the fact that we will have visitors with allergies and therefor need to have different kinds of alternatives. We will inform you very well about the possibilities for gluten, wheat, dairy and nut-free dishes.


So what options do I have now to get enough protein?

We definitely have alternatives check out the more detailed information HERE


Will there be fresh fruits available on the festival?

Yes there will be enough healthy yummy alternatives available, check this here


People, instead are going to eat noodles, sugary crap, empty bread – instead of what they real need to eat is protein.

We provide nutritious alternatives that will keep everybody dancing.


Will there be insects, and if so do you think that that’s okay?

We will not be selling insects. Research has shown that insects will provide a more sustainable alternative to the meat industry and consumes up to 20 times less CO2 . They are a rich source of proteins. However, we are taking this step-by-step.[3]




Now you’re going to forbid people to eat meat? Isn’t this a free country?

Our intention is to create awareness about how much carbon footprint we would reduce by eating no meat just for 1 day a week. People know that our festival focuses a lot on sustainability and if we want to decrease our carbon footprint, we cannot leave the food part behind. If you insist on eating meat you could choose to eat it for breakfast. Think of it like visiting vegetarian friends.


Why announcing this now and not before the ticket sale started?

The festival is about music, art and entertainment. Not about going vegetarian. However, we do believe it’s a logical step towards a more sustainable festival.


[1] www.meatthetruth.nl

[2] Consumentengids, juni 2009. Website: www.bokiluske.com

[3] www.eetbareinsecten.nl

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