How to get there


Within the Netherlands

For everyone that doesn’t need to travel that far, but are still not within biking distance to NDSM, we have arranged busses within the Netherlands to the festival. An easy way to get straight to the action without having to get on a crowded tram. The best part? We made sure the busses are environmental friendly in true DGTL spirit.


Price and departure (+stops) details here:

Busses within the Netherlands


International visitors

For the ones that need to travel a little bit further, we are offering busses departing from Antwerp, Brussels, Lille, and Paris. Instead of jumping on a plane, we think it is way better to get here in a more sustainable way (and not having to worry about spilling your drink during turbulence).


Price and departure (+stops) details here:

Busses from Belgium

Busses from France




At Amsterdam Central Station there are multiple ferries. For DGTL Amsterdam 2018 we arranged a special DGTL ferry! This one is especially and only available for DGTL festival go'ers. This means you don't have to take the NDSM ferry any more! The entrance will also be on the other side, so we urge you to just take the DGTL ferry if you're by foot. 

We advice you to take the 'Buiksloterwegveer' ferry if you travel by bike. It's only possible to take the DGTL ferry if you leave your bike at Central Station, no bikes are allowed on this ferry. 

Keep in mind that the DGTL ferry runs untill 1.00 am and then again from 5.00 am.



You can take several busses from Central Station and others spots in the city. Check for precise details from you location. Bus numbers that will go to the NDSM: 35,37,38 and 58.



If you travel by car, use M.T. Lincolnweg or Kraanspoor, Amsterdam, Netherlands, as navigational address. These parking spaces are close by the festival. Keep in mind that parking spaces are limited. The Papaverweg (Undercurrent) isn't available any more! 



If you are planning to arrive by bike, you need to take the ‘Buiksloterwegveer’. If you take the ‘NDSM Werf’ ferry, you will have to leave your bike at Amsterdam Central Station. If you arrive via 'Buiksloterwegveer', you will have to park your bike at Undercurrent: Papaverweg 265, 1032 KE Amsterdam. From there it's a 5-minute walk to the festival.


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