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Enter your travel information and see how much you can reduce your carbon footprint when going to and from DGTL Amsterdam. 





It comes as no surprise that flying has a plethora of advantages, such as being fast and inexpensive, yet whether we like it or not, it also leaves a significant trace of CO2-emissions. At DGTL, we are fully aware of our environmental impacts, and we have a clear goal in mind: to transform from the world’s first circular festival to the first regenerative event organization on a global scale. We've come to the conclusion that we need to take action to move to sustainable future and set an example that zero-emission festivals are possible.




We are a meeting ground for international performers and artists from all around the world and we encourage green ways of travelling to our festival, such as by train. However, we also understand the difficulties of travelling vast distances on a tight schedule. Therefore, we proudly present a novel solution, created with our new partners: SkyNRG, an Amsterdam based pioneer in sustainable aviation fuel, and CHOOOSE, a climate tech developer from Oslo, who work to integrate climate action into everyday life. It’s SkyNRG’s mission to make Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) the new global standard, and our festival, along with CHOOOSE, stands by it. SAF is made from renewable resources, such as used cooking oil, and enables our artists to reduce their net carbon emissions from flying by 100%, compared to flying on fossil fuel. 




Through sharing our knowledge and views on creating regenerative projects, we stimulate sustainable participation amongst our visitors and partners. We try to inspire everyone to positively shape the future, leave behind a positive, structural trace and share our progress openly and honestly along the way. For these reasons, our collaboration developed a new innovative solution to fight carbon emissions – a Climate Action Tool that is available for all our visitors. It is an online calculator, that shows the carbon emissions from each plane, train or car trip you take, or accommodation you stay in. It then offers you the choice to replace fossil fuel with SAF or support international tree planting projects to tackle you carbon emissions. 


The idea of the tool was born out of discussions that recycling at the festival and providing vegan food does not address all challenges. We knew there were still carbon emissions to be addressed, from the flights our artists have to take to get to our dancefloor. That is why we looked for new technologies and innovations, that artists and visitors, along with us, can introduce to the world to lower their footprint. But more importantly how to help create awareness and stimulate sustainable action through their visit. 


With this tool we stand for innovation and a brighter future, while leaving behind a positive, structural trace. Not a trace of waste, but a trace of practical solutions instead. Join us in making DGTL the world's first circular festival and closing the loop on our journey to net zero emissions, by checking out this tool yourself. Let’s step into a greener future together.