8 Mar 2018


Material Flow Analysis - More Information

Festivals are a growing trend in Western societies, but have a negative impact on the environment with their vast material flows. At DGTL, we believe this does not necessarily have to be the case. Currently, the economy is built upon linear systems, in which continuous economic growth is the main driver.  This means we are living in a “disposable" society, in which products are produced, utilised and then at the end of their life-cycle disposed. However, we believe that ‘waste' does not exist and therefore we strive to realize the transition towards a circular festival using circular systems. In order to achieve this, we will introduce new ways to convert all of our waste into valuable resources.

The following steps will be executed, in order to transition from a linear system to a circular system;

1. Redefine waste as a resource 

2. Identify all incoming and outgoing resource flows

3. Redesign and reorganise all supply chains and minimise resource needed. 

4. Become a circular festival by creating new products and services from the remaining resources.



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