9 Feb 2018


The third record on DGTL Records just dropped. This time it’s Mexican Man Power that has his music pressed in wax for our label. The artist is no stranger to DGTL, as he has played at DGTL Barcelona 2017 and will be there again for DGTL Amsterdam 2018.

When we founded the label in 2016 we wanted to put out music that resembles the vision of DGTL as well as giving a podium to artists we feel connected too. Man Power caught our ear by surprise, while strolling the internet. His raw electronic sound and extremely diverse selecting in his sets, led to a booking in Barcelona, and later on, a release on the label.

After a careful selection process between 12 solid tracks, the three best fitting ones got chosen. El Mago de Tiempo has a long build up, but makes you long for more every second of the way. After the drop, the track breaks in to this raw, fierceful rhythm accompanied by long-drawn-out synths. Put Your Hands on the Car (and get ready to die) brings back memories of a long gone past. Rough around the edges, but with a whole lot of depth. Resorting on sounds that resemble 80s Rock, this tune is bad ass. The Duellist is the more refined composition of the three, with a soundscape of piano melodies, synths and gloomy percussion. 

DGTL003 is available in stores on- and offline as of today! 





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