18 Nov 2020

Podcast #90

Get to know Luxembourg raised and Berlin-based rising artist Ogazón with this interview and 1 hour mix.

Hi Nathalie, first of all, thank you for participating in DGTL’s podcast series. Everybody at the office enjoys your music very much but perhaps you could start with a little introduction about yourself for the readers who aren’t familiar with you - yet. 


Q: Could you tell us a little bit about your background and the reason for moving from Luxembourg to Germany?


A. Recording the podcast was a real pleasure, so thank you for the opportunity! I had a lot of energy at the moment of recording and danced from beginning to end. The set got pretty loopy this time. I included a lot of forgotten gems, I think there is quite some nostalgia in the mix, I hope this comes through and you enjoy this mix as much as I do! 


Ha, going on about nostalgia, I grew up in Luxembourg. But actually, my family is half Spanish and half Luxembourgish, so I’ve always felt at home in both countries. 


When I was a teenager I moved to Amsterdam for studies and I stuck around for 6 years. In Amsterdam, I discovered my passion for electronic music by going out clubbing every weekend. It has been the constant discovery of new music and like-minded people that triggered my artistic career. From fooling around behind decks at cozy afterhours to playing at small off-location events organized by friends, it all happened quite organically.  


As I had the urge to shake things up a bit, I recently moved to Berlin. The move felt very natural to me as I speak the German language and have a bunch of really good friends living here. 


Moving as a DJ to the Hollywood of Techno (haha) has been quite exciting. It is easier to meet music heads here. And in terms of style and genres, Berlin has more to offer than Amsterdam. Almost every niche is represented by a club or community here, which is super inspiring to me. On the other hand, it is more challenging to gain traction as a DJ in Berlin, as there are a lot of amazing talents out here. Although I moved to Berlin, I’m still around quite often in Amsterdam, as it has a special place in my heart.



Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working on your music?


A. At the moment, I am working for a creative agency here in Berlin. Most of my weeks and weekends are quite full. When I do have some spare time, I like to go out and photograph stuff, even though that is something I don’t really plan. I just like to go for long walks or bike rides and whilst doing so, I try to be aware of my environment. 


Sometimes the tiniest shadow, reflection or corner can look so aesthetically pleasing to me. I figured my eye seeks certain lines, patterns and contrasts. I guess my ears do the same with music. Nothing spectacular, but you can check out some of my photographs on my Instagram page, ogazon.wav. 


Other than that, I’m seeing friends and I love to cook but I am also pretty good at doing nothing actually. 


Oh, and before I forget, I very much enjoy being on the other side of the booth. I genuinely love dancing, my friends always know where to find me in a club….. in front of the DJ, dancing for hours and watching the mixes closely.




Q: How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard of an Ogazón performance?


A. I’d say… unz unz blip unz! 


Haha, well, I used to struggle with giving an answer to this question but I think for me it makes more sense to describe what I look for in music because sound wise I like to perform whatever pleases my ear, and that’s a lot, so describing my particular sound is tricky.


If I would abstract my taste (for some dancefloors) in concepts; I love tracks that are classy and dirty, I love tracks that are timeless yet progressive, I love steady flows with weird loops, I love funky grooves with punchy basslines and from time to time I’m a sucker for emotional melodies, and yeah, all this can be found in many different sounds.


I try not to think too much about genres and just buy music I really like, no matter what it would be categorised as. In the past two years, I have been asked to play Electro, Techno and House parties. To stay flexible on this, I prepare my sets by mixing my vision of a good party with my imagination of the setting I am about to play in. 


I think of the responsiveness of the venue, the crowd, the sound system, the promoter and the other DJ’s on the line-up. By doing this I know what records and sounds I should pack into my record bag. If I feel my musical archive isn’t comprehensive enough, I will hunt for new music to play at that specific party. 


So, basically this means, I’ll take the challenge to close off a dark forest rave as much as opening a sunny lake side set. It is a true blessing to have a certain freedom within my musical profile and to play different sounds at different kinds of parties and having promoters and bookers recognise that!


And since I haven’t been touring full-time yet, I can really take the time to prepare my sets like this, sometimes it takes weeks to imagine the sound I want to bring to a party, I love this process.  


I’ve been digging electronic music every single day now for the last few years, which might sound like a lot, but I know I only touched the surface of available sounds. I still have the urge to explore and play different sounds all the time. I guess along the way my own signature sound will shape, or maybe once I release stuff, but at the moment I feel that you can’t pin me down yet. Ask me again in a few years ;) 


Q: Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you’ve currently not released any records of your own. Is this something you’d like to do in the future, or will you stick to DJ’ing?


A. I am learning Ableton, but this is something that requires a lot of time and dedication. I would love to spend more time producing, but at the moment that is simply not possible. My dream is to release on my own label at some point, within the next 5 years maybe? First things first!



Q: Anything you’d like to share with the viewer? A project you’d like to highlight or a positive note to pass along?


A. Check out Chris Korda’s activism on our failing ecosystem, sometimes we need to reflect with the help of some absurdity to realise we have unsustainable habits. Her music is also interesting, you should definitely check it out!


If your financial situation is not so much affected by Covid, try to buy new music or merch and support your favorite artists, clubs or festivals. 


Be kind to yourself and others and don't make things more difficult than they already are, try not to forget having fun in what you do. 


Hope to see you all very soon. 

Much Love!

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