24 Feb 2021


Hi Eileen, thank you for participating in our podcast series. It was a pleasure having you at DGTL Bengaluru and now we can share your music with the DGTL Family all around the globe. Let’s get to know each other even better:


Q. So tell us, how has last year been for you?

A. The past year has been a little strange, mostly because this is the longest I have been away from the dancefloor in my life. Apart from that, I'm kind of glad that this 'forced reset' brought on by the pandemic has allowed me time to reconnect with friends, and I finally have the time to work on some projects that have been left on the back burner for too long.


Q. Has your way of working, producing, or DJ’ing changed due to the pandemic?

A. Since the pandemic happened, it's actually forced me to be more creative with how to present music to the people. Currently in Singapore, clubs are still not permitted to resume operations and bars have a 10.30pm curfew, so it's been an interesting time, trying to come up with different ways to keep the conversation going about music, and to continue engaging the community of music lovers. Together with my team at The Council, we've managed to put together some small-scale shows, such as an ambient meditative session with music by a Singaporean artist Kin Leonn last September after the lockdown was over. And just recently, we put together an art installation that featured light designed by our friend Flex, combined with soundscapes created by some of our DJs. 


Q. Where do you get your inspiration from how & have you stimulated your creativity during this period? 

A. A lot of my inspiration comes from food, art, and travels... although that's not possible these days. I'm also really lucky to be surrounded by a lot of very creative friends, and their works, as well as conversations with them, often spark new ideas and perspectives for me that I can translate into my music. I also have a habit of meditating inside a sensory deprivation tank. I find that really helps me keep my mind clear, and allows me to focus better when I need to tap into my creative side.

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Q. What do you like to do when you’re not working on your music?

A. These days I find myself cooking a lot more. I suppose you could say I've found another way to express myself, except this time I get to also feed the people that I love.


Q. What is the story behind the podcast, any tracks or parts of the mix you would like to highlight?

A. The podcast I've put together is a little love letter to the dancefloor and the ravers that I miss so dearly. I was trying to capture the feeling of the dancefloor, when the night is just slowly warming up... all the way until the lights come on at the end of the night, and you can see the tired, but smiling faces of everyone around. 


Q. Anything you’d like to share with the reader? A project you’d like to highlight or a positive note to pass along?

A. It’s a strange feeling, knowing that it’ll be some time before we can all return to a room filled with smoke & lasers; to return to a familiar atmosphere so intoxicating. But that should not stop us from finding ways to still create shared experiences & moments, whether it's online or offline. The road ahead may be shrouded in uncertainty, but one thing we know for sure is that if we continue to look out for one another, we will get through this together :)

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