18 Jun 2021

Podcast #99 - Lucky Done Gone


Q. Hi Gijs, thanks for participating in our podcast series! How are you today?

A. I am really good because I'm back to being a DJ again next week. Positive energy all over the place and I am really happy with this contribution. 



Q. Tell us, how has the past year been for you?

A. At the beginning it was hard and very strange. At some point I thought our whole scene was gone, that was very painful. But at the same time, I realized it is never gonna happen and my connection with music and the industry means the world to me. I had a lot of time to spend working on myself as a person and artist so I enjoyed the time and can not wait to make a fresh new start with all the new energy. 



Q. How would you describe your sound to the readers who are not familiar with Lucky Done Gone yet?

A. I would like to describe it as 'exciting electronics' and a mix in between house and techno. When I am playing in front of a crowd I always want to make a connection with all the peeps and search for the right energy. I want to create and make memories with musical universals. Not only for myself but for the people who can enjoy moments and mixes like these. I’ve tried to put a lot of essentials in this mix. 



Q. Has your way of working, producing, or DJing changed due to the pandemic?

A. Yes, I had more time to focus on making music, DJing, and collecting. Because I had more time I really got more on quality. 



Q. Okay, enough about the pandemic. Things are finally looking brighter again, what are you looking forward to the most this summer?

A. Yes, we need to look forward! I can not wait to play the first record and feel the connection and energy with the crowd. I also enjoy this when I am on the dance floor. I missed the feeling and sounds from a proper sound system so much. In that way, I hope that we are all making a more beautiful world after all this shit together. Getting shit done to leave things behind us is more necessary than ever. 



Q. What do you like to do when you’re not working on your music?

A. I like to hang out with friends and chill a bit. I also like to sport, have fun and enjoy the little things! Besides that, I started working at De Herman Brood Academie in Utrecht this year, I like to work with younger kids and help them to get into a professional world. I am very fascinated by the thoughts of the new generation. 



Q. Are there any upcoming projects you can share with us?

A. There are many things going on. I am working on some releases and a new event in Amsterdam. 2022 looks very bright to me and I hope to see a lot of peeps around. 



Q. What is the story behind the podcast, any tracks or parts of the mix you would like to highlight?

A. As I said before I want to create and make memories. So I’m not making it that easy for myself but it’s the way I like it the most and enjoy it. In about 20 years it's still in the cloud to listen to, and hopefully, we can still enjoy this mix. The tracks I've selected and mixed are some energetic influenced records and vibing and groovy rollers to get you in a good mood. 

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