Sitting down with: Sven Väth

Sitting down with: Sven Väth
Here is our full conversation with risk taking visionary, innovator and instigator – Sven Väth.
Published: December 9, 2020

With just two days to go for our very first edition in India – we are counting down the hours to Bengaluru’s biggest party. From performances by local heavyweights to debuts by international legends, January 11th & 12th is looking to be the perfect start to 2020. For one such legend, our Bengaluru edition will be the location for his debut both at DGTL & in India. Here is our full conversation with risk taking visionary, innovator and instigator – Sven Väth.

Q. We heard that you spent some time here during the 90s, could you tell us a bit about that?

A. I was sharing a beautiful house (1991 – 1994) with a good friend of mine in the north of Goa. I stayed almost 3 months every year at that time and traveled around a bit in the south. It was the time of Goa being very hip – many International freaks and hippies were there at this time. All of a sudden I was in the middle of it. People were recognizing me and appreciating my work on my record labels HARTHOUSE & EYE Q records. The music and parties were the driving motivation of the scene. Psychedelic vibes and liquid dreams in a very beautiful environment – nature and the locals were always involved.

Q. What kind of places/clubs did you play at? And would you say that your time in India inspired your future career?

A. The particular thing was, that I was not playing in clubs at all, just outdoors at beautiful places under palm trees and on the beaches. It was definitely a special time and had an impact on my work.

Q. What are your thoughts on the music scene in India? A. Honestly, I don’t know so much about the music scene in India, but I recognized that the electronic music scene is growing quite fast in the last few years. I received many more requests recently, but unfortunately, it’s not easy to fit India gigs in my schedules nowadays.

Q. How does it feel to go back for DGTL Bengaluru?

A. Of course, I’m really excited to come and play for DGTL in Bengaluru – especially since my last performance in India was long time ago. I love the country and travelled it as a ‘tourist’ recently, so I am happy I can combine this with my first ever DGTL appearance in this beautiful country – I heard only good things about DGTL from my colleagues and friends.

Q. Do you have some memories to share with us from your time in India?

A. I was and still am really inspired by my India travels. Back in the days I had a recording machine ‘DAT’ with me and did a lot of field-recording, the result was my first solo Album: ‘An Accident in Paradise’ 1992 released on Warner Brothers. I love India, the people & nature.

Watch Sven Väth play live on January 11th at the Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru during the weekend of DGTL Bengaluru. Limited tickets are now available, click here to reserve your spot to be a part of our special first edition.


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