4 Nov 2019

Statement: Fake Booking Requests

We would like to inform you that an increasing amount of fake offers have been going around, sent by P. Patrick. This person claims to be the festival director, and pretends to have interest in booking small bands all across the world. In the e-mail he offers a large sum of money to perform at DGTL Festival in Amsterdam. In return for this booking, the bands are asked to pay him back a fee ‘for working permits’ or some other excuse to collect money.


If you have received any such offer, please ignore it. If the contact has been done via social networks, please try to report the sender as scam.


We would never offer money during first contact and communicate with artists or artist managements only through our own bookers, with email addresses from the domains @dgtl.nl or @apenkooi.com.


In case of any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@dgtl.nl.



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