Sustainability efforts at DGTL Tel Aviv 2022

Sustainability efforts at DGTL Tel Aviv 2022
Published: October 5, 2022

DGTL Tel Aviv is working hard to become more sustainable each year. This year we introduce the following measures:

The Hard cup system
DGTL festival introduced hard cups years ago to combat the growing plastic waste problem on festival grounds. The system asks festival goers to pay a deposit for their cup, which incentivizes them to return it instead of throwing a single-use cup on the ground after use.

How it works:
1) Pay a one-off fee of 5 ILS for your cup
2) Hand in your cup for a new one
3) Trade in 10 empty cups for a drink ticket.

We’re going completely meat-free, meaning we’ll offer delicious vegetarian dishes at our food court.

Smart energy plan
We work with a “Smart Energy Plan”, maximizing clean energy consumption from the power grid or other renewable sources. 

Reduce your carbon footprint
We stimulate travelling to DGTL as environmentally friendly as possible, but simultaneously acknowledge the challenges when travelling long distances or on a tight schedule. Together with SkyNRG, we’ve created a compensation tool where you can replace conventional fuel with Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Our artists compensate for their travels by allowing us to deduct a percentage of their fees. This way, we all try to do our part in reducing the carbon footprint of artists and visitors. 


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