The road to circularity

At DGTL, we are highly aware of our environmental impacts. We thus have one very clear goal: to transform from the world’s first circular festival to become the first regenerative event organization on a global scale. All year round, we search for the latest technological breakthroughs to close material loops. We don’t have to tell you why that is important. But we do want to show you why it is more sustainable to dance with us during DGTL rather than staying at home. Welcome to DGTL’s Road to Circularity.

Through sharing knowledge and our views on creating regenerative projects, we stimulate sustainable participation amongst our visitors and partners. Continuously innovating on the festival site and years of development has resulted in our DGTL Framework, which describes the complete metabolism of a festival. We focus on five different pillars of sustainability: resources, energy, mobility, sanitation and food.

In a five-part series, we are sharing our knowledge on the five key topics that form the building blocks to becoming the world’s most sustainable electronic music festival. We visit our partners and suppliers to show how we are rethinking the system to be full circularity.

The DGTL PiLlars

Materials are cycled at the highest possible value, residual waste does not exist.


All energy comes from renewable energy sources.


Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation movements are eliminated.


Use of freshwater is reduced and nutrients are recovered from wastewater.


Food waste is prevented and residual flows are being reused at the highest possible value.


As a pioneer in the field of innovation and sustainability, we have created a circular blueprint that can be applied to both a festival and a city. It’s entirely feasible to view a festival as a temporary miniature version of a community. People work and consume, move, eat and sleep. Much like in a community, there are all kinds of different flows such as money, energy, food, exchange of knowledge, water and creativity. At DGTL, we see our festivals as a living lab for circular innovation in neighbourhoods and cities. Join us on our Road to Circularity!

Calculate your carbon footprint

Enter your travel information to see how you can reduce your carbon footprint going to and from your next DGTL festival. 

Visit the Frequently asked questions page for more information related to sustainable aviation fuel.

The booked artists for DGTL Amsterdam have agreed to pay for a deduction from their fee for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). In this way, artists that will come by plane, will be flying on a Co2 friendly base to DGTL Amsterdam.

At DGTL, I translate the concept of sustainability into tangible and measurable actions. I see it as our responsibility to include regenerative design principles in our projects, educate our visitors, artists, and suppliers about the benefits of these principles, and inspire everyone to reduce impact without compromising on experience.

– Esmee Bouwmeister, Sustainability Manager DGTL