13 Apr 2022

The Hard Cup System At DGTL Amsterdam

At the end of a festival, every festival visitor knows the iconic image of the havoc, also known as the sea of plastic cups. This is a terrible sight of hundreds of kilos of trampled and contaminated plastic, ready to be burned. We believe this should not continue, and fortunately, more and more festivals are realizing this.


At DGTL, we have been using a hard cups system for several years now, to prevent this mountain of waste. Visitors pay €1,50 extra per drink with their first order. With the second order, they hand in the old cup to avoid paying another €1,50 extra. If visitors do not want a new drink, they can hand in the hard cup for a recycle token. Everyone can return this token to the bar with the next order—a simple system with significant consequences. By replacing the plastic cups with hard cups, we avoid approximately 1000kg of plastic waste per edition! 



Did you hand in your cup when leaving the festival? Great job! You can fill in this form to have a chance of winning various prizes: https://bit.ly/DGTL-HARD-CUPS



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