11 Jul 2019

'Topo Chico' by Lauer on DGTL Records

We’re giving the momentum to Lauer for our ninth DGTL Records release. 

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This three-tracker ‘Topo Chico’ is doused with Lauer’s signature sound.

The first track, ‘Inkel Jet 880’, is best described as modern italo, but without the typical accented vocals. This is combined with some thick and synth-y basslines, sharp chords and a thumping beat.

The title track ‘Topo Chico’ is a softer sounding track with a swinging bassline and high pitched arrangement and stretched out chords. This all gives it a dreamy yet spherical feel.

The EP ends with the ‘Topo Chico Tribute Mix’ which starts with an acidic bassline, soft sounding bells and Lauer’s signature stretched out chords.






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