We’re bringing our DGTL Awareness Crew to DGTL Amsterdam

We’re bringing our DGTL Awareness Crew to DGTL Amsterdam
Published: March 28, 2023

At DGTL, we want to promote a festival culture in which our principles strike a healthy balance between being socially responsible and embracing the importance of enjoying the moment. We believe that this starts with training our crew and staff.

DGTL Awareness Crew

During DGTL Amsterdam you’ll find members of our Awareness Crew walking around. With the crew’s presence, we hope to create a safer space at our events. So who are the Awareness Crew? The Awareness Crew are just like me & you; they are not security or a busy crew member – and they are there solely for our DGTL family. You will be able to recognize them by their bodywarmers with ‘Awareness Crew’ on the back and our safe badge in the front.


The Awareness Crew has been extensively trained by Sexmatters Foundation, Fairspace, and Jellinek. Sexmatters Foundation strives for an inclusive and socially safe society in which everyone, regardless of their gender and sexual identity, can be themselves and there is no room for transgressive behavior and gender-based violence. Together we trained our crew with the aim of discussing (gender) inequality and promoting a socially safe environment. The themes include, but are not limited to: gender, sexuality, consent & social safety.

People attending and working at our festival are encouraged to be aware of their actions and how they may be harming others. If you witness behaviour that makes you feel unsafe, please notify our awareness crew on site or reach out to them via + 31 6 27402596. We will take any and all reports very seriously.


7 – 8 – 9 APRIL 2023