12 Feb 2019

‘When Water Falls' by Heleen Blanken

This Easter weekend, DGTL Amsterdam will host ‘When Water Falls’, an installation by Heleen Blanken that aims to raise reflection regarding plastic waste.

The Artist

Heleen Blanken is a visual artist from Amsterdam. She works in the fields of media cinematography, photography and installation art. Heleen’s artistic practise is deeply influenced by the complex relationship between humanity and the natural environment as well as the separation between these two. Her ambition is to explore different layers of our aesthetic perception of the natural world. She defines and explores the dualism in traditional artistic dichotomies like organic/artificial and analog/digital. Heleen’s work invites us to question how we think of nature and to consider alternative visions. 


A Reflection

‘When Water Falls’ is an installation by Heleen which will be hosted during DGTL Amsterdam, is a reflection of our abuse and attitude towards plastic waste. The idea is to visualize the relationship between a man-made material in nature - and our disconnect to it. The installation is produced from material which after the festival will be used for future projects. This way we make sure to not create any waste but rather a circular use of the plastic.




‘When Water Falls' will be available during the whole Easter weekend at the festival grounds. DGTL Amsterdam is held April 19-20-21 at the NDSM Docklands.


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