Accelerate The Future Of Creatives

At DGTL, we’re highly aware of our environmental and social impact. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable festival experience, and to positively impact the music industry. All of this, however, is not possible unless we create a festival environment that is safe and welcoming to all. We want the DGTL family – both artists and visitors – to be given the room to grow and the freedom to discover the realms of electronic music.It’s our intention to foster a culture of belonging within our community. 

We share this mission with ABN AMRO, and together we created a number of projects with which we further focus our efforts to create socially conscious dancefloors and fair chances to all. We want to open up dialogues on these important topics, and inspire you to join this mission.

About ouchhh

We continuously want to inspire both ourselves and our audience by collaborating with innovative and unique artists. We’re proud that this year the impressive art project DATA GATE by Ouchhh Studio will be placed on the NDSM Docklands during DGTL

Ouchhh (TR) is a global creative new media studio with a cutting-edge innovator in the creative field. The Studio is a pioneer of data paintings & sculptures, a mind-driven approach, discovering new technological models to reflect the variety of context and experience that “the roots of art, science, and technology are mysterious”, that shape their futuristic perspective.

In DATA GATE, you’ll get to experience the impact of data in arts. The question we ask ourselves: how can technology bring us closer together?
We gathered bulks of data on important topics within the themes of diversity, representation of oppressed communities and women in music and arts, the rise of young talent and the gender wage gap in music and arts.

Ouchhh Studio translated these statistics and data through artificial intelligence into this artistic piece shown on this 8 meters high LED installation.
Immerse yourself in this visual and artistic spectacle and discover how technology can help us to experience data in an artistic journey.

Together with partner ABN AMRO we want to accelerate the future of creatives.


This year, we collaborate with Heesterveld Creative Community by co-hosting our 8th stage, Resonance. Located in the ever-mesmerizing crane. While overlooking the impressive NDSM Docklands during the festival, we’ll create an ultimate space for exploration. 

Expect an intimate setting, unique musical performances, inspiring new sounds and most of all; an uplifting party environment in which creative freedom and surprise are central elements.


Ever since 2018, we’ve joined forces with ABN AMRO. Whilst first focussing on accelerating our sustainability goals and reaching our circular ambitions, we’re extending our focus towards social responsibility.

We share the vision that diversity and inclusivity are important drivers of social and economic progression, and that sincere efforts to improve this will make the necessary impact. Together with ABN AMRO, we want to stimulate the growth of new talent and give tomorrow’s tastemakers the opportunity to excel and share their work with a bigger audience.

Episode 1

“It’s interesting to think about dance as a way of surviving. Even me discussing this now is actually a change”, researcher, artist & curator Bogomir explains in the first episode of our series ‘Accelerate the future’.

In episode one, we open up the conversation about why the electronic music scene rose and the undeniable impact of dance. How can we create new spaces for upcoming talent and create a dance floor in which everyone is able to freak out in trust & freely move? Join us in the exploration of this important topic.

Episode 2

“I think it’s really important that everybody is on board to push new talent, break boundaries and challenge the status quo”, our booker Marco explains in the second episode of our ‘Accelerate the future’ series.

In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into the landscape of navigating in the electronic music industry from both an organizational side and the artist’s side. What drives the creative talents of the future? And what efforts can organizations implement to create a dance floor that is welcoming to all and serves as a platform for new artists?

Episode 3

“We have the responsibility to give young talent the room to grow”, diversity & inclusion officer Anne from ABN AMRO says in the third episode of our series ‘Accelerate the future of creatives’.

In this episode we open up the dialogue about the importance of accelerating the development of new artists and the role of art in our society. How can we use the power of art to initiate important conversations and what role can organisations fulfil when it comes to creating a pathway for unheard voices?