Âme & Dixon

Âme & Dixon


Two friends meet in Schwarzwald, one exploring distant galaxies and the other composing fragments. Together, they create a vibrant joie de vivre, shaping and deconstructing their creations. Beneath their feet, a world of smooth subterranean rock rests against the living world, connecting rivers, mountains, and forest floors between Schwarzwald, Vosges Mountains, and Naturpark Pfälzerwald.

Âme’s unique essence emerges from their symbiotic relationship, entangled in 15+ years of collaboration marked by chance meetings, introductions, and unbridled curiosity. They are defined not by their past but by the future they envision.

As partners, Frank is the creative engine behind the live act, while Kristian explores as a DJ. Together, their output is a synthesis of melodies, rhythms, and arrangements only an honest, working kinship can foster. Innervisions, their label, embodies their combined expression and influence, evolving from 2005 into a multifaceted entity encompassing publishing, iconic Lost in A Moment parties, a Berlin shop, a distribution company under Muting the Noise, and a booking agency, Temporary Secretary.

Each venture, like atoms forming an ancient structure, reflects Frank and Kristian’s defining characteristics and unwavering commitment to detail. Their musical quest knows no bounds, continually exploring the ever-expanding universe of music. Each composition, output, and live performance represents the culmination of endless experience and experimentation.



Few artists walk the line between past and future as well as Dixon. As a DJ, he cuts a striking figure behind decks, rising from Berlin beginnings among the original pioneers of electronic music. Over a career, he has evolved his sound into something visionary, running renowned record label Innervisions with Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Rädle of Ȃme. His ear for the perfect mix eventually brought down Resident Advisor’s Top DJs Poll, after taking out first place for its last four years running. However, Dixon’s ambition has driven a calling into wider fields of fashion and technology, expanding what it means to be a contemporary innovator.

Using music to melt through other art forms, Dixon’s strength is found in his transcendent dancefloor moments. Echoed in a flawless aesthetic, his performances feel both safe and unpredictable, with this singular sense of balance seeing his global appeal widen year after year.


Âme & Dixon at DGTL