Dee Diggs & Suze Ijó

Dee Diggs & Suze Ijó

Dee Diggs
Dee Diggs bares her soul and loses her inhibitions when she touches those DJ decks. When she plays, she let’s it all show: all the digging for deep cuts & recall of tracks with that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ or emotional snag to them. She transmits the pure joy that comes from the private practice of devotional appreciation of music.

Diggs is still giving her all in her DJ sets, and has been working on her music production chops in her studio in Queens, NY as well. So surely, there is more to come from this lucky star.


Suze Ijó

Suze Ijó is a house DJ. She works in the lineage of that word not just as a name for a genre of dance music, but a mood, a way of moving, an ethic and cultivation of spirit. Ijó grew up in Rotterdam, Europe’s largest seaport, and was surrounded by hip-hop, Caribbean music and Eurodance – products of cultural import and synthesis from the house sounds of Chicago and New York. By the time she was 18, Ijó began going out to clubs with an orientation towards these very sounds; she also started working on local nightlife production teams and as a door host, and later on as a booker. Through these experiences, she developed her taste for the genres she often plays out today: deep-cut RnB, warm and pulsing soul house, interlocking waves of polyrhythms and vocals and timbres all speaking to a profound transhistorical groove.

Dee Diggs & Suze Ijó at DGTL