Nene H

Nene H

Nene H exudes an air of unpredictability in all aspects of her artistry. Whether seamlessly blending trap into a pulsating techno set or captivating Berghain’s audience in a bridal gown, just when you believe you’ve defined Beste Aydin Muasya, she throws a curveball that leaves a lasting impact. In the nine years since her move to Berlin, this Turkish-born DJ has emerged as a force within the city’s dynamic underground scene, pioneering representation for SWANA, Muslim, queer, and female communities often overlooked in its history.

Her transcendent performances from an all-encompassing passion for music, drawing from the Azerbaijani and Turkish sounds of her upbringing and enriched by her prodigious skills in classical piano cultivated at Stuttgart’s State Conservatory. Delivering fierce techno, Turkish-German Hip-Hop, and doses of booty-bouncing ghetto-house, she effortlessly navigates across genres, making her diverse sonic identity cohesive. Yet, beneath Nene H’s eclectic musical persona lies an unwavering motive. Her unapologetic presence and resolute commitment to uplifting marginalized communities in the club culture persist in every endeavor.

In 2022, she co-founded a collective based in Istanbul, hosting parties and workshops that center on the city’s QTBIPOC community, striving to foster its indigenous scene continually. Beyond her regular appearances in Berlin, including notable performances at CTM alongside The National Choir of Georgia and emotionally charged live shows at Atonal, Nene H traverses the global club and festival circuit, leaving an indelible mark on venues like Tbilisi’s Bassiani, Paris’ Myst, and Kyiv’s (K41), while maintaining a residency at Endurance in Copenhagen.

As a producer, she boasts an impressive portfolio with releases on Standard Deviation, intrepid Skin, and lncensio, the latter hosting her deeply personal album “Ali <)c”—a cathartic expression of grief and healing. Soon, she will take the helm of her own forthcoming imprint. While her path may be unpredictable, one certainty remains: with each undertaking, Nene H injects the underground scene with a contagious optimism that gets bodies moving.

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