Nick León & Bitter Babe

Nick León & Bitter Babe

Nick León

Nick León’s dystopian club music draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Florida’s diverse ecosystem. His musical journey has been marked by fearless experimentation, evolving with a bold spirit. From an early introduction to the rap scene, this Miami-based artist, equally skilled as a DJ, producer, and musician, has collaborated with some of the underground rap scene’s notable figures in South Florida.

In his formative years, he found himself gravitating toward the vibrant Latin sounds emerging from Puerto Rico and Colombia, influences that have left an indelible mark on his creative output. As a self-taught producer and DJ in the vibrant Miami scene, he was eventually driven to shift his focus toward crafting his own distinct musical path.

Bitter Babe

Miami based Dj from Bogotá-Colombia.

Nick León & Bitter Babe at DGTL