Patrick Mason

Patrick Mason

Patrick Mason (he/him/P.O.C.) embodies the spirit of Berlin’s New Underground: energetic, dedicated, and unforgettable. From his early steps on the dance floor of Berghain to rocking Panorama Bar alongside SRVD, Patrick is conquering clubs from Kiev to Paris, leaving clubbers in awe wherever he goes. Whether he’s tearing it up at events in Porzellan Bar, Pornceptual, or Pride with his captivating techno and house sets, Patrick Mason has a clear goal: to conquer your feet, your nights, and the future of nightlife.

Born to a blonde, green-eyed Bavarian mother and an African American father in a conservative corner of Bavaria, Patrick has spent much of his life challenging perceptions of black masculinity, much like his musical contemporaries Yves Tumor, Mykki Blanco, and Serpentwithfeet.

Furthermore, Patrick is becoming a true fashion icon, proving he’s not just a pretty face. He has collaborated on projects with an increasing number of partners. When he’s not showcasing his design talent, Patrick creates gender-breaking music, as he has recently done with Konrad Black and Zach Witness. Get ready for more mind-blowing releases from him under various aliases.

Patrick_Mason · HÖR x PATRICK MASON // JANUARY 2021

Patrick Mason at DGTL