Roza Terenzi & Bored Lord

Roza Terenzi & Bored Lord

Roza Terenzi

Roza Terenzi is a manifestation of femme-forward rhythmic energy, spreading a concoction of sublime mind dance, irreverent sapphic mischief, & vivacious cybernetics throughout the universe. Since emerging from her birthplace in the Australian underground, she’s helped to usher in a fantastically playful innovation to dancefloors worldwide through her uniquely enamoring recklessness, irresistibly unruly kinetic frequencies, & a stylishly frenetic visual aesthetic. Combining rave sonics across style & era with relentlessly naughty finesse & a bewitching effervescence true to her sound, her DJing embodies a vibrant synergy between arcane feminine exuberance, lush atmospheres, & nefariously trippy grooves at once deeply transcendent, yet confident, chaotic, and fun-loving at its core.

Bored Lord

Daria Lourd (aka Bored Lord) is a Memphis born multidisciplinary and versatile artist. Daria formed roots in electronic music with production, notably her latest release on Knightwerk records. Her DJing skill was defined when she joined forces with the underground rave community in Oakland, California. With a recent relocation to Los Angeles, Daria has been churning out club ready and euphoric tracks on her personal Bandcamp as well as contributing remixes for other artists and labels.

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