Vel, a Moroccan artist based in France, wears multiple hats as a DJ, electronic music producer, and engineer. Originally from Rabat, she shifted her focus to engineering upon moving to Lyon at 18. However, her trajectory took an unexpected turn after experiencing techno music for the first time at Le Sucre. This encounter ignited a passion that led her to embrace the world of club culture and ultimately transform into Vel.

Vel’s musical style, characterized by deliberate yet textured techno, exudes a blend of power and grace. Her sound incorporates throbbing drums from her memories, celestial whispers, and delicate voices, embodying the divine feminine in pulsating vibrations. During her sets, Vel fearlessly explores diverse genres, defying boundaries and BPM constraints—a true force of nature.

In a short span, Vel’s journey has been shaped by the guidance and camaraderie of artists like François X, u.r.trax, and InAeternam Vale. She draws inspiration from a spectrum of artists such as Bjarki, Anetha, Schacke, and Objekt. Over the past three years, Vel has released three EPs: “Who byfire” on Unusual Records (2020), “He Took OneCliché” on Nasdat (2021), and “Era L” on François X’s label XX LAB (2022).

An active member of Under Rave, u.r.trax’s collective, and Lyon’s techno scene, Vel recently achieved a full-circle moment by becoming a resident at Le Sucre, the club where she first discovered electronic music. Her standout live performance at Nuits Sonores 2021 with In Aeternam Vale, along with appearances at HÖR (Berlin), The Lot Radio (New York), and Nuits Sonores 2023, showcase Vel’s global footprint. Notable venues include Fuse (Brussels), Blitz Club (Munich), Domicile (Miami), Exit (New York), About Blank (Berlin), Rex Club (Paris), and more. Vel continues to push boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the international electronic music scene.