Meet the DGTL Team

Meet the DGTL Team
Published: November 16, 2022

Every two weeks, we will introduce one of our team members via Instagram story (@dgtlfestival). You can ask them anything you want to know about them or their job. We’ll answer your questions by posting them on our Instagram stories.

Week 4 – Eefje Arts – Operations Coordinator
My name is Eefje Arts, and I am responsible for the operations at DGTL festival. I must ensure all people involved have everything they need to deliver their best work, from machinery and tools to briefings and social awareness training. Together with my team, we create the foundation for the most ecstatic and safe festival experience for both visitors and crew.

Week 3 – Tamasj Beffers – Sustainable Producer
My name is Tamasj, and I work for the Revolution Foundation. We are the brainpower and muscle behind the sustainability of DGTL and all other ‘Apenkooi’ events. Revolution consists of several branches, but you can summarise our work under three keywords: measure, rethink & amplify.

To make an event sustainable, you first need to know where you stand. We start with something called a baseline measurement. Based on the measurements, we can set objectives and a framework to achieve our goal in a step-by-step and structured way. After which we start talking to partners, suppliers and producers to change often conventional ways of working. 

Then we get to work on the implementation. As a sustainable producer, I am also the point of contact for sustainability on-site. Finally, we do a lot of work with our Revolution students at the festival site, where we really make a difference together.

Week 2 – Lotus Beutick – Project Manager
My name is Lotus Beutick. I am 38, and I live in Amsterdam. I started as a Project Manager for DGTL in 2021. As a Project Manager, you are responsible for the event and oversee all disciplines and their teams. I am involved in every part of the project because I manage all aspects, such as production, marketing, sustainability etc. I love this job because it is so diverse, and I can work with many different people in different roles. On Monday, I could be in contact with the booking team regarding an act. The next day I’m meeting with the police and the municipality to discuss our licence. Never a dull moment!

Week 1 – Jelle Lobbes – Artist liaison
My name is Jelle Lobbes; I’m 28 and live in Amsterdam. In 2017 I started working as a freelance artist coordinator for Apenkooi Events (the mother company of DGTL). Since the beginning of 2020, I’ve been employed full-time as the artist- and bookings liaison for all of the Apenkooi events. Together with my team, we’re responsible for the entire artist journey, from the moment they touch the ground until they’ve finished their shows and returned home. 

This includes arranging all contract processes, travel routings, hotels, and technical- and hospitality production. In addition, we’re also managing a team of freelance professionals such as stage managers, artist coordinators, runners and drivers during our shows to make sure the artists can play their best gig possible! 

Our job is very diverse, and every day we face new hurdles along the way and always search for the best possible outcome for both our artists and visitors!


7 – 8 – 9 APRIL 2023