Our second line-up wave for DGTL Amsterdam 2024 is here

Our second line-up wave for DGTL Amsterdam 2024 is here
Published: November 28, 2023

As Autumn holds us in its chilly grip, our anticipation for brighter days intensifies. To stoke the flames during these cold months, we’re ready to even further elevate the excitement for DGTL Amsterdam 2024. Proudly presenting our second line-up, we’re ready to set your hearts ablaze!

Second line-up wave

The artists on our second line-up wave are nothing short of incredible. To start, we invited none other than Ukranian duo ARTBAT to join us for the special occasion, who will weave emotive and melodic techno together seamlessy. Also on our second line-up wave is the buzzing Marlon Hoffstadt, who will explore diverse electronic sub-genres and trance in a what promises to be an unforgettable set.

Furthermore joining us is the Dutch Chris Stussy, a rising house sensation with a modern twist that will make the dance floor tremble. I Hate Models, shrouded in mystery, is also featured on our line-up and will push techno boundaries during his set.


Nene H showcases versatility by combining deep, melodic, and rhythmic elements, while Nick Léon & Bitter Babe fuse electronic and experimental sounds with Latin Club music during their back-to-back.

Feel the vibrant and unconventional energy as Partiboi69 [live] adds a playful and irreverent touch to electronic beats during his live set. And as if that’s not impressive enough, the Worakls Band will join us, and will deliver a captivating performance that blends electronic and classical elements.

Discover all thusfar announced artists here. Keep a close eye on our channels as we’ll announce even more names that will grace our stages in March soon. Secure your tickets to this year’s flagship celebration here.


7 – 8 – 9 APRIL 2023