Discover the full program of the DGTL Dome

Discover the full program of the DGTL Dome
Published: March 5, 2024

In just a few weeks, we’ll re-unite on the NDSM Docklands for our yearly DGTL Amsterdam flagship editon. This year, we’re adding another dimension to our artistic programming: the DGTL Dome. Please come and meet the multidisciplinary program that consists of music, dance, visual arts and public program.

The DGTL Dome

The DGTL Dome is an interactive installation that embodies the shared effort between DGTL, ABN AMRO and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam to promote equal opportunities in the arts and cultural sector. The DGTL Dome serves as a platform for emerging talent, providing a space for them to be further discovered. Additionally, it showcases multidisciplinary and interactive works, reflecting a distinctive shift in the festival art landscape from traditional light art to immersive experience art.

Stedelijk Museum public program

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents a public program in the DGTL Dome, resulting in two acts that will be present on both days.

Niek Vanoosterweyck

In TANZMANSCHINE, Niek Vanoosterweyck explores a new technology infused dance experience, one where you are simultaneously the DJ, VJ and dancer. Niek Vanoosterweyck is a graduate from the Mime department of the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunst (academie voor theater en dans). He completed Word-Art Drama in Antwerp. In addition to his studies, he followed the three-year preparatory course at Theaterwerkplaats NEST.

The soundscape is dark, shamanic, uncompromising hard techno. The system pressures the performer into a merciless inescapable journey. The movement of the performer is based on the light dramaturgy and vice versa. The audience can experience it from close by or a distance they prefer.

Yamuna Forzani and Mystique Angels

Yamuna Forzani an Mystic Angels created a Sensual Body Empowerment workshop.Yamuna Forzani is a multidisciplinary artist and queer activist whose practice centers around a desire to build her queer utopia that centers and celebrates her community, making them part of and inspiration of her creative outputs. Mystique Angels is known in the ballroom scene for walking sex siren, she is in the Kiki House of Angels based in Rotterdam as well as being a performance artist and dancer.

The Sensual Body Empowerment workshop is a class which you will be guided to look at yourself and experiment with your body dropping bit by bit veils and smoke of illusions, oppressive criterias that society and dominant cultures imposed on us dictating what’s sensual or sexy should be to conveniently profit on our frustrations that conceal the ultra powerful and sensual beings that we are.

About the workshop, Yamuna says:”The space we hold at DGTL is a space made safe where vulnerability gives participants access to a true source of power and joy, where we learn and give each other permission to strip from societal rigidities that work to our disservice, to shift into a true state of freedom where meeting our true potential give wings to our wildest dreams, and life to our subtle senses… The closing comes as a very beautiful treat that will seal the benefits of this offering. Music and chanting will come to facilitate the awakening with a gaze.”

DGTL program

We at DGTL took care of the rest of the substantial programming together with programmer Perry Gits, which includes music, dance and visual arts.


On Sunday, March 31, the spotlight will be on artist Coloray as he takes center in the DGTL Dome. Coloray is the boundary pushing creative moniker from electronic artist, Raynor De Groot. As a solo artist and former half of Tunnelvisions, he’s conquered both the global and national music scenes, leaving a trail of memorable performances in his wake. With several releases on DGTL Records, Coloray is part of our DGTL family.

About his live performance in the DGTL Dome, Coloray says: “In this performance, Cris Mollee and I aim to illuminate the stark contrast between the tumultuous external world we inhabit and the serene internal realms within us. While the outside world may be characterized by chaos and constant activity, within ourselves, a profound calmness prevails, weaving a thread that unites us all. Through the artful integration of field recordings, expertly synchronized in a rhythmic cadence, we endeavor to capture the pulsating essence of the world surrounding us. This auditory journey is further enriched by the harmonious convergence of drones and ambient recordings, designed to resonate with the meditative pulse that resides deep within our collective consciousness.”


Jeffrey ‘Creepashu’ Loewenicht will perform in the DGTL Dome on Saturday, March 30. He is a hip-hopper that focuses on ‘Experimental‘ and is known for his creative, static, fast, conceptual and entertaining dance that he apply’s in both freestyle dance as in urban theatre and choreography. He is best known under the name ‘Creepashu ‘ because this describes his style in one word. He also enrolls in with this name at dancebattles in the underground dance world and projects which he is related to as a performing dancer and creator. On his performance in the DGTL Dome, Creepashu says: “Dive into the rhythm of liberation with me. Join in as we explore the trance-like state of pure freedom through dance.”

Cris Mollee

For the visual identity of the dome, Cris Mollee, Tristan Gieler and Sem Schreuder are using interactive technology to bring it to life. Looking closely at the movement data of the audience, individuals become part of a swarm of points on the screens, where connections between them are bringing shapes and colour into the world. We move into a colourful spectacle with digital shadows of the performers, created with 3d scans of their physical bodies. Binding together audience and performer in the digital realm, the projections create a synergy between the digital and physical beings in the space.

Nicole Geertruida

On Sunday, March 30, artist Nicole Geertruida will take center stage in the DGTL Dome. Nicole Geertruida, trained as a dancer at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, is currently working as an assistant choreographer alongside Alida Dors at Theater Rotterdam. With her background as a performer, choreographer, production manager, dance teacher, and knowledge of contemporary dance and hip-hop, she is able to provide creative input to a creative process from various perspectives, being honest and critical.

About her performance, Nicole says: “A performance piece inspired by the challenges of motherhood that explores the sensation of detachment of self and the search for moments of solitude in a fast-paced world. What happens to the body when it refuses to constantly be in service to anyone other then you? I invite you to witness and reflect on your own journey of finding moments of solace and self-fulfillment.”


Nkisi will perform on Sunday, March 31 in the DGTL Dome. Nkisi produces intense, powerful sonics influenced by ancient Kongo rhythms, rhythmic noise, our planetary electromagnetic grid, and experimental improvisation. The creative musician and visual artist is one of the co-founders of NON Worldwide. She recently launched her label INITIATION and research platform The Secret Institute, exploring the secrets and mysteries of vibrational rhythm, the ritual as a socio-political tool, invisible gestural sonics, noise tantra, and strategies of trance.


Oceanic takes center stage on Sunday, March 31 in the DGTL Dome. As both a DJ and a producer – often releasing tracks on family label Nous’klaer – he creates immersive and shape-shifting environments in which boundaries dissolve. Like tides, the musical experiences Oceanic creates feel driven forces bigger than the sum of their parts, pushing towards new and unknown frontiers.
Oceanic’s focus is on bringing people together to foster collective energy and experience joy together.

Venus Ex Machina

On Saturday, March 30, interdisciplinary artist Venus Ex Machina takes center stage in the DGTL Dome. Venus Ex Machina made a name for herself as a masterful producer of divergent synthesized soundscapes that span forlorn ambient, krauty experimental electronics, lo-fi techno, and energetic dark wave. With a brand new album dropping soon, she’s determined to create an experience that will create a long-lasting memory.

On her performance, Venus Ex Machina says: “It’ll be a live performance exploring the unique potential of sound to elicit intense mystical experiences and blur conventional self-other boundaries. Drawing on field sound recording, psychoacoustics, and contemporary sound design techniques, this performance seeks to induce a heightened state of consciousness in the listener.”

We invite you to discover a new artistic realm on March 30th & 31st, an initiative of ABN AMRO & in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Read more about our project here.


7 – 8 – 9 APRIL 2023