In conversation with: Perry Gits on the program of the DGTL Dome

In conversation with: Perry Gits on the program of the DGTL Dome
Published: March 7, 2024

During DGTL Amsterdam, you’ll be able to experience the DGTL Dome — an interactive installation in which music, dance, visual arts and public program converge. For the DGTL programming, we joined forces with Perry Gits. We sat down with him to chat about his work and our collaboration.

Perry started his career as a performing artist (dance, theatre, musical theatre) and is an award winning choreographer. He was born and raised in Amsterdam with roots from Kumasi in Ghana. “I love facilitating the work or needs of artists and initiatives, so recently working as a programmer/booker supported my interest of making space for amazing work.”

When asked how the collaboration between him and DGTL came about, Perry answers: “Welmer from DGTL and I follow each other on Instagram. We started talking, which followed up with a meeting about possibly working together. The meeting went so well, also because of Welmer (booker DGTL) and Tessa (Head of Content DGTL) giving me the space and time to expand my multidisciplinary interest when it comes to booking artists. The professionalism, fun and excitement DGTL offers was backed up in the meeting and process of building the Dome.”

Intimate live sets

Perry programmed several acts for the Dome – Creepashu, Nicole Geertruida, Nkisi and Venus ex Machina. “I’m always interested in curating a multidisciplinary program, because I know you have to facilitate to a diverse audience with a diversity in taste. I also believe that sometimes a specific discipline expresses an artistic message better than the other does. It all depends on the space and time. For the dome, I loved the idea of curating live sets, where the audience could stand or sit down and witness the sonic journey and performances.”
About Nkisi he says: “Nkisi takes you on a sonic adventure and I just love how she takes her time to tell you a story. The build up in her music is everything and allows the audience to go through whatever they need to process in that moment. It’s a spiritual journey and I’m very excited that I can finally book her.” Another artist that Perry brought forward is Venus Ex Machina. She’s an artist that he got to learn about during his research of finding new artists. ”I have been listening to her sets repeatedly especially between October and December 23’ when I needed some warmth during this specific season, when I was going through it. You can listen to her sets to meditate, clean up your space at home or when you want to have a cute dance with your friends. Very curious to witness in which vibe she will transform during DGTL.”

Dance performances

Besides the musical program, the program of the DGTL Dome also includes dance performances by Nicole Geertruida and Creepashu. Perry explains how he came about with Nicole: “Nicole Geertruida manages her movements smoothly from one to another and connects to movements which translates into a full story without abruptly changing direction. The audience just needs to be open to be intrigued by her choice of movement. Nicole will guide us with her artistic expression due to her multiple years of experience of being in theater but now also being a choreographer and dramaturg.” With Creepashu he worked together last year for the first time: “I was pleased with how he mixes electro dance and contemporary movements in his practice. He gives you the fantasy of artists that can’t be placed into one box of expression or ideology. Creepashu has been active in the underground dance scene but also in theater.”
About the combination, Perry says: “This combination of worlds will now collide during DGTL for a unique conversation between the audience and the setting of the Dome.”

Diversity & inclusion

Perry stands for a more diverse and inclusive nightlife. “Being an artist or a programmer can’t always be because of your own needs or pleasure. You’re in service of others. Scheduling your time to visit different programs is essential to get out of your own comfortable bubble. I try to have honest conversations with artists and what they experience in nightlife. This enforces me to go back to the drawing board and see what I can do to make it more pleasant or inclusive for them.The privilege of being an artist myself helps me when I’m developing a program. Would I be satisfied, challenged or pleased if I would book/program or even give myself for example this specific fee or timeslot to perform?”

The DGTL Dome embodies a crucial message that we share together with ABN AMRO and the Stedelijk Museum, as we are all committed to promoting equal opportunities in the arts and culture sector. We spoke with Perry about the ways in which he himself supports a more diverse and inclusive electronic music scene: “I’m always for a diversity in people and sounds within the electronic music industry. It’s always so refreshing to travel away from Europe and witness how the diversity of conversation isn’t as big as in Europe, because it automatically reflects on for who and by who the electronic music is made for. Europe needs to do better. Therefore calling out the gatekeepers to also make space for a diverse staff working behind the scenes. It’s not only about booking diverse and inclusive artists.”

The process

When looking at how he brought the various performances together for the DGTL Dome, he says: “I started off with assessing the space I’m working with. In this case I had to assess the times I went to DGTL myself and be honest about what I didn’t witness before. The Dome at DGTL is open for a variety of artists with different disciplines. The audience will have the time to have a break from DJ sets at the festival to experience the Dome. It will have a different vibe compared to the main venue, but also a space for dancers to express themselves without assisting another artist. I see all the disciplines on one level and find it hard to choose between them.”

We invite you to discover a new artistic realm on March 30th & 31st, an initiative of ABN AMRO & in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


7 – 8 – 9 APRIL 2023